Stuff that should NOT be rebooted

Steve Guttenberg says new Police Academy is coming.
WTF? Is this something the public actually asked for? If I want to be entertained by gross levels of police incompetence, I’ll just watch the daily news.

“Why do you think I took you to all those Police Academy movies? For fun? Well I didn’t hear anybody laughing, did you?”

I’m honestly not opposed to any reboot. Just because something was dear to me 30 years ago doesn’t mean the modern 13-year-old shouldn’t have a chance at his/her own relationship with it. Some properties, I think, would be an almost impossible challenge, though. Like, only a fool would try to remake E.T.

NItpick: Article says new installment, not reboot.

Bobcat to his kids: “Hey, Police Academy 16 paid for that pool.”

You are correct…but I would also be against rebooting them. :smiley:

I won’t rush out to watch it, but another installment of a police academy based comedy/action film seems fine to me.

On the other hand, there can never be a Godfather remake.

Never say never. There is a new Papillon coming out.

Now that you’ve said it, someone is going to make it happen.

There has been regular talk about rebooting the Indiana Jones franchise (as opposed to the planned fifth installment that has been stuck in development hell for a decade after that stupid Crystal Skull movie) despite the fact that nobody is really clamoring for another one, and pretty much everything that made Indiana Jones more special than any number of other pulp adventurers was Harrison Ford’s portrayal of a loveable rogue that was essentially Han Solo with a bullwhip. That didn’t work out well with Solo (although I think Donald Glover should be given a chance to star in a separate Lando Calrissian film just because he’s Donald Glover) and I don’t see any particular reason for it be done here. Just let Shane Black make that Doc Savage movie he’s been trying to make for the last fifteen years, already.


Have they simply run out of original ideas these days?

Depends on the “they”. The major studios and their bigger releases are quite often retreads, sequels, adaptations, and such.

But if you go “small” or foreign you find all sorts of interesting things. Some of which get most of the big year end awards which for completely mysterious reasons ticks a lot of people off.

OTOH, these great little films are less and less often making any sort of non-token appearance in theaters.

Anyway. Things not to reboot: Any of the classic sitcoms: I Love Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, All in the Family, Seinfeld, The Simpsons*, etc.

But a reboot for Community: The Next Generation would be well worth it.

  • Someday it will go off the air. And a few years after that someone at Fox will say “Hey, I’ve got a new, original idea. Let’s reboot The Simpsons!”

Over 500 television shows were produced this year, between the traditional broadcast networks, basic cable, premium cable and streaming services. It’s really hard for any show to get attention so one shortcut is for a show to be a reboot or continuation of a show people are already familiar with.

“And if i hadnt of burned all my bridges, we could afford to fill it.”

Now thats a movie with promise because…the original feels kinda American (actors and just how they did their parts. not slamming them, love the movie but still) set against a foreign background. Also, the movie hews from the novel somewhat.

There’s tons of room for a new Papillon. There could be a Papillon HBO series if they wanted what with the novel being so sprawling and grandiose.

Mankind has been retelling and reimagining stories for centuries across different cultures and ages. Movies and TV are the only media that seem to foster resistance to that.

Based on the sheer number of direct-to-video sequels to Police Academy, I think it’s fair to say that of all of the series in the world you can complain about wanting to “keep pure”, this ain’t the one. It’s been sullied like nothing ever sullied before by the hands of man.

In the 1980s, I worked with a woman who, while we were talking about our weekend activities on Monday, said that over the weekend, she went to the mall with her best friend, and they got bored and decided to see a movie. And what did they see? The latest “Police Academy” release.

But wait. There’s more. I don’t know how old her friend was, but I found out a while back that this woman died in 2008 at the age of 84.

I say we don’t reboot(y) the Kartrashians.

Gilligan’s Island does not need a reboot.* Forbidden Planet* does not need a reboot. But it does need a robot.

Magnum PI does not need a reboot.

But that’s not stopping them.

It’s one of those roles that an actor just owns.
I saw a pretty good stage presentation of Cabaret, and it was hard not to compare the lead to Liza Minnell.