Stuff to do in Niagara Falls

Aside from seeing the falls, is there anything else to do in Niagara Falls? I’m headed there this weekend and I’m fully aware of how cold it will be. I’m looking for activities that will keep me indoors and away from the harsh weather. If it is of any help, I’ll be staying on the Canadian side, very close to Horseshoe Falls. Thanks.

Plenty of touristy things to do, wax museums, shops, tons of places to eat. Theres also a pretty nice casino there if you like to gamble.

You can always try that barrel thing. Let us know how that goes. :smiley:

Marineland was great!

When we had a Dopefest there last year, we had fun at the casino, went up in the Skylon tower (it may be too cold for that right now, though), Jadis and I enjoyed the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, TGIF has karaoke on Friday nights, and STAY AWAY FROM DENNYS, no matter what you do.

Hey, it’s a question about Niagara Falls, my new haunts!

If you’re interested in venturing over to the American side of the border (and you should anyway, just to walk on Goat Island), the Seneca Niagara Casino is now open. Now you can lose your shirt on both sides of the border!

There’s a couple of things worth visiting at Niagara University, also on the American side, the place that foolishly employs yours truly. The Castellani Art Museum has a nice collection of contemporary and local art. On Sunday, the Niagara men’s basketball team plays Loyola of Maryland. Tickets should be available on the door…

I struggle for other things worth seeing over here…most of the good stuff happens during the summer months. The Lewiston jazz festival, for example. Zette, could we please please please have another Dopefest here, since I didn’t reside here when you had the last one? (I’m sure I can pick a better restaurant than DENNY’S!)

Niagara on the Lake is a lovely place to poke about, though I don’t know about this time of year.

There are plenty of vinyards open year-round for winetastings and tours in the Niagara-on-the-Lake area. The bigger ones for sure, while some of the smaller ones might be closed, but I doubt it. Jackson-Triggs, Peller Estates, Inniskillin, Reif…the whole penninsula has 40+ VQA quality vinyards, and many more that aren’t certified! You can get to taste some fantastic wines - the Icewines are particularly good - and get the tours of the facilities. Jackson-Triggs does a decent comparison during their tour with their methods versus traditional european ones. I’m assuming you have your car, but even if you don’t, there are scheduled tours leaving from Niagara Falls on buses. Might be safer too, unless you have a designated driver. Niagara on the Lake is a nice town, I think even the shops should be fun in the winter, if you dress warmly enough for it.

Personally, I’d visit the towns AROUND Niagara Falls, rather than visit there - its just too…kitchy…for me.

Thank you for your replies. You Dopers gave me some really good ideas. I really want to check out the vineyards. Does anyone have an idea about the cost of a visit?

Niagara on the Lake (Canada side, can’t remember how far of a drive) is especially nice ( and pricey)

Boston Pizza is cool place, they have good, inexpensive food and a large video arcade. They specialize in personal-size, specialty flavored pizza.

As for the price, since you’re going this weekend, it should be dirt cheap. Off-season hotel rates there are rock-bottom, especially if you are paying in US dollars.

The Ripley’s BELIEVE IT OR NOT Museum is so awful that it’s wonderful. Awful because you’ll feel like a goggle-eyed yokel, and wonderful becuase it’s filled with truly bizarre stuff you can’t see anywhere else. You must go!

Also, be sure to go down into the tunnel on the Canadian side of the falls and see ALL THE WATER IN THE WORLD bucketing down before you.