Stunning images of protoplanetary discs

The Hubble Space Telescope has returned a remarkable array of newly released, protoplanetary (proplyd) disk images from within the Orion Nebula. They provide a breathtaking glimpse into the early history of our own solar system, some 4.6 billion years ago.

Pictures and explanation provided here.
Proplyd atlas
Hubblecast video with ‘Dr J’

Aren’t babies cute.

–And may I be the first to say, Wow! Lovely and fascinating.

oops, second. I type slow.

Awesome! NASA has been hinting that they have some pictures coming out in the next month or so that are going to be mind blowing. I don’t know if they’ve found evidence of Earth like planets or what but the scientists interviewed sounded excited. I can’t find the interview now, sorry. :frowning:

Holy crap. Now that’s some fine detail. I never really stopped to consider whether they’d be able to resolve down to that level, but now that I see it, that’s pretty damn awesome. That’s something like what our solar system probably looked like from afar about five billion years ago. Between this and the recent HUDF infrared 48-hour exposure images of the most distant parts of the known universe, there’s some stunning imagery coming out of Hubble lately.