Stunning Sodomites of the SDMB - Qs about QaF

I just finished watching the first two seasons of ‘Queer as Folk’ on DVD*. I enjoyed the shows a lot but I have some questions/concerns.

  1. Does anyone know a Brian in real life? I know some Michaels, some Erics, some Emmetts,
    and consider myself to be a Ted (although I’m not young or cute), but I’ve never met a Brian (maybe I don’t get out enough).

1a. Is anyone here a Brian? :smiley:

  1. Doesn’t the back room at ‘Babylon’ simply enforce the streotype of gay men as only
    being interested in sex? None of the clubs in Denver have back rooms, like this. The only one that did, closed many years ago (the back room, that is, the club is still open).

  2. Are there clubs similar to ‘Babylon’ where you live?

  3. Do you think QaF is good, or bad, for the gay community?

  4. Are there any other comments you wish to make about QaF from your personal experience?

  • [sub]The great thing about seeing the series on DVD is being able to fast forward through the
    lesbian sex.[/sub] :slight_smile:
  1. and 1a. Don’t know a Brian and am not a Brian.

  2. Yes, but then other scenes reinforce other stereotypes so who cares?

  3. Nope, the bars where I am are more like Woody’s.

  4. I don’t think it makes much difference one way or the other.

  5. Not off the top of my head but if the thread takes off (QaF threads seem to sink pretty quickly) I’m sure I’ll be back.

I’m neither stunning, nor a sodomite, but I adore alliteration…

I remember as a kid in the seventies a Scotsman with a baby son called Brian. It was weird seeing this little baby in a cot and people cooing ‘Brian’ to him.

Sod the other four questions.

Keeping in mind I’ve only seen the first season.

I hate Justin. Hate, hate, hate Justin. One of the most obnoxious fictional characters I have ever had the displeasure of viewing.

And Michael is super cute.

That’s all, really.

You’re talking about the US version right?

But Michael is the central character! It is through his maturation that the show’s theme of “boys becoming men” is being realized.

Plus I like seeing Hal Sparks naked.

Point taken, but I have not yet seen any signs of maturation (although I could just not be seeing them even if they are there). To me, he still seems as peevish, self-centered, and childish as he was in the first season, but I could be mistaken.

Hal Sparks is all right, but I like my men a bit more mature, like Ben. IMO, the show could really use some nekkid bears since every male on QAF seems to be deprived of any body hair at all. :smiley:

LOL, gobear. I prefer my men hairless, or nearly so, but there are hairy men out there and they should be seen. From my limited view of gay porn, though, I don’t see hairy guys show up a lot; maybe, though, that is just the vids I have selected (I don’t actually like porn very much).

I like Justin (who I erroneously referred to as Eric in my OP). At least he seems to be much more than Brian is.

I haven’t seen any of the third season shows yet, but apparently he and Ethan get together for a while. This should be good for him, I think.

The bars in Denver, generally, allow kissing, etc., but no groping below the waist (kind of takes the fun out of making out). I don’t think I would be interested in the ‘back rooms’ though, although I don’t mind some public sex (no orgies, though) and occassionally frequent one of the three bath houses we have here.

I agree with what Gobear says.

Plus, even though the character Michael is a slight annoyance, his choice of lovers makes me want to throw up…all these touchy-feely, hairless wimps…yeech.

I’ve known a few “Brians” in my life…arrogance, combined with good looks and money. They were not my type and they knew it. I never went for “pretty” boys or name-brand clothes horses, and at the time, I wasn’t doing bad financially myself, so money didn’t impress me either. Ever hear of Peter Berlin? Google a picture of him and see if he reminds you of anyone (granted, quite a few years ago). He came from a very wealthy family, with some distant royal family connections I believe. I think he was probably the most “Brian-ish” person I ever met.

My dear mother, through a strange and improbable series of events having nothing to do with me, wound up seeing most of the first season of Queer as Folk on DVD.

Her comments: “I think it’s a good show with good characters, but I don’t know if it’s such a good idea to show them having sex all the time, and with people they don’t even know. It kind of makes me think less of gay men. I hope it’s not really true. Is that how gay clubs actually are?”

Me: “No. Well, maybe there are somewhere, but noplace I’ve ever been and I’m pretty sure there ain’t any like that in Pittsburgh. And I don’t think most gay men really have sex that often. They just wish they did.”

Mother: “Well, they are men. Two men together, so it’s like double. Or more than two, they sometimes show…”

I haven’t seen much of QaF myself, but the character I like best is the HIV+ uncle (Ben?). You have to feel sorry for the guy, but he’s not a pathetic figure and he always seems to get the best one-liners.

Hmm, not as easy to Google him as I thought…Google “Peter Berlin Porn Star” and you get one of his non-x-rated older posters…

Ben is Michael’s current boyfriend who is HIV+. Michael’s HIV+ uncle is Vic.

I think where we’ve seen Michael mature is in his relationships with characters other than Brian. He is always going to be an idiot where Brian is concerned. But, we saw this season that he was able (eventually) to get past his grudge against Justin, respond somewhat appropriately to the idea that Ben’s HIV status is something that he will not be able to completely understand, his willingness to work through Ben’s drug abuse issues without running away from the relationship and his willingness to compromise over taking in Hunter (although the finale cliffhanger kind of you shuold pardon the expression queered that a little). He’s also become a small business owner and an entrepeneur with “Rage.” He was immature regarding Melanie’s pregnancy at first but grew up a little and reached a compromise with them. Maturity isn’t something that’s attained over brief periods; Michael is maturing in some areas and not as much in others, something that in the context of this fantasy show I find very realistic.

But I do wish they’d show some men with some hair on them too. I don’t mind smooth men but I like a chest I can run my fingers through.

I’m Brian.

I thought it was a common name. I’m not weird or anything.