Stupid and unsafe.

Gormless = idiot
Reckless = dangerous
So a safe sensible person is gormful and reckful, right?

Reckon so.

There are lots of words, Pushkin that we only seem to use in a negative form. For example, how often do you hear of someone being plussed or combobulated? There are plenty of other examples as well.

Zev Steinhardt

Like, should we be happy if all of our cow orkers are simply “gruntled” instead of “disgruntled”?

I’ve occasionally heard the term gruntled, but what, pray tell, is a cow orker??? On second thought, I don’t want to know… :smiley:
Zev Steinhardt

And if you drive without having an accident, aren’t you driving “wreckless”?

Although mildly interesting, this is bordering on MPSIMS…

That said, another example is in P. G. Wodehouse’s books. He says of one of his characters, “Although not disgruntled, he was clearly far from gruntled.”

I was “whelmed” once. Just never got to the “over” stage!

Cecil on:
Is the opposite of “disgruntled” “gruntled”?

It’s someone you ork in cow operation with… :slight_smile:

Cow orker is AFU speak for co worker. (AFU is, of course, the alt.folklore.urban newsgroup.) Someone made the typo at some point in the past and the term stuck. Seems appropriate to refer to some people I work with anyway.