Stupid APC uninterrupted power source

So I sleep with a CPAP and ti ensure that I can use it in a power outage I have it hooked up to an APC uninterrupted power source.

A few minutes ago a storm knocked out our power and I think at least I can sleep. Except the stupid fucking APV goes off like an alarm every 60 seconds. Who fucking thought this was a good idea?

The people who thought you’d be hooking up the UPS to expensive computer equipment. A UPS can’t support a machine for more than a few minutes, so that alarm means that you’ve got a small amount of time to save your work and shut down your disks in a graceful manner. It’ll also kill the UPS if it runs too long and depletes the batteries.

However all hope is not lost – apparently you can disable the beeping with the right software.

Would it kill you to spell things out once before using obscure initialisms?

The UPSes I’ve seen have a disabling switch on the front panel, no special software needed. And once you have safely shut down your computer, you can turn the UPS off, and the beeping will cease.


If you can’t find out how to deactivate it you may be able to open it up and remove the ‘beeper’, though remember that this thing is powered if it’s plugged in or if it has a battery attached and I also think that there are capacitors that also store power so it could still be charged some time after power and batteries are disconnected.

You may be able to search the net for instructions of how to do that.