Stupid Baseball Tricks

So, at last night’s Dodgers-Padres game, I was treated to three things I’d never seen in person before:

  1. Not one, but TWO baserunners scored on a wild pitch because the catcher couldn’t figure out where the ball went.

  2. Some moron decided to run onto the field and have his fifteen seconds of fame. The funny/sad part was that when he got to the middle of the field and completely surrendered to the security chasing him, they STILL full-on tackled him. And when I say tackled, I’m talking about him standing still without putting any guard up, and five BIG guys hitting him simultaneously from five different directions. The whole crowd groaned…brutal. Can’t say he didn’t deserve it, but still. Ow.

  3. I wouldn’t believe this if I hadn’t seen it. Batter hits a hard foul ball into our section. The ball heads straight for a guy who’s on his cell phone, which happened to be a flip phone. He pulls the phone away from his ear, and I’m not sure if he was trying to catch the ball or avoid it. But while he’s holding his cell-phone hand out away from his body, the ball comes right at him and shears off the top half of his phone. I believe his picture was just added next to “stunned” in the dictionary as he stood there holding the remaining half in his hand. I don’t know if he ever found the other half of his phone because it got knocked back several rows. I hope for his sake that it was reattachable or that he’s got insurance with his carrier.

Other than the final score, the game was very entertaining. :slight_smile:

If there’s vidoe of that happening (the cell phone beheading), that would become an internet classic immediately.

Or even vidoe, if there’s no vidoe.

Preview asswipe!


I quit, you knew what I meant.

I’ve already decided that if I meet my maker, and he chooses to send me back to Earth for any reason, I’m going to demand Life Instant ReplayTM for occasions exactly like this.

I enjoyed the smashed cell phone story.

I REALLY enjoyed the the three consecutive increasingly retarded threads by bus guy.

threads = posts.

It’s catching!

Uh, the peanut butter stuck to the keys on the keyboard…yeah, that’s it!

Screw this, it’s noon somewhere, I’m going to get a drink…