Stupid Best Buy cashier

I’m a Best Buy today and I’m buying two books; Book A with a cover price of $24.95 and Book B with a cover price of $26.95, both discounted at 30% off the cover price. (Relax, they’re won’t be any math required in this post.)

As the cashier is checking my purchase out, I notice she’s ringing up two items, one at $18.87 and one at $24.95. “Hmm,” I think, “I believe that’s not correct. I’ll have to check before I leave.”

She hands me my bag. I check and, sure enough, the amount was wrong. I hold up Book A and point out the sticker saying it’s 30% off.

The cashier puts on her “at Best Buy the customer is always right” smile, picks up Book B, and tells me not to worry because the cash register automatically does the discount even though the discount price isn’t listed on the book.

I tell her I understand how it’s supposed to work. Then I open Book A and show her the cover price is $24.95 and then point to where it rang up $24.95 on the receipt. She responds by opening up Book B, pointing to the $26.95 price and then again explains to me that the cash register automatically discounted it to $18.87. She assures me that plenty of previous customers haven’t understood how this works either.

But she can see I’m not getting it. So she calls over Louis the manager so “he can explain how the discount works”. Louis, to his credit, comprehends that an actual problem exists. He cancels out the original sale and re-enters the correct price for both books.

As she hands me the bag, my still-perky cashier tells me, “that’s never happened here before.” Now I was tempted to tell her, “How would you know, you button pushing chimp? It just happened right in front of you and you still don’t know what happened.” But I decided to be nice, thanked her, and came home to post this instead.

Now I feel better.

She meant: No customer has ever called me on that particular mistake before.

No, I really think she was oblivious to what happened. For some people, life is just a series of random events occurring around them for no apparent reason because they are unable to fathom how things work.

**Stupid Best Buy cashier **

Ya know, that doesn’t really narrow it down much :slight_smile:

All of my biggest idiot friends from high school got jobs at Best Buy. These are the people I wouldn’t trust to feed my dogs on a daily basis without screwing it up.

I quit shopping at Best Buy in 2001. Don’t miss it at all.

Back in December 1998, I purchased a car stereo. Specifically, a $499 JVC CD/minidisc player. You flip down the front and insert either a CD or minidisc. It was sweet! Oh how I wish I still had it. I paid for the 3-year Best Buy extended warranty. Anything goes wrong, I’m covered.

In June 2001, I start having problems with the unit. I call my local Best Buy to schedule an appointment for them to remove the unit and service it per our extended warranty agreement.

Stupid Best Buy Employee (SBBE): Installation, how may I help you?
Me: I purchased a JVC cd/minidisc car stereo and now it isn’t reading the CDs or minidiscs. I need to schedule an appointment to have it checked.
SBBE: JVC doesn’t make those.
Me: No, not anymore, but they used to.
SBBE: No, they didn’t but we don’t carry minidisc units anyway.
Me: Yes, I know. You stopped carrying them about a year ago. I purchased it at [store location 35 miles away]. But I was told I could take it to any Best Buy.
SBBE: We’ve never carried those.
Me: I have the receipt and the extended service warranty. I just need to make an appointment.
SBBE: We’ll, installation is open until 6.
Me: So you won’t make an appointment? I just have to come in and wait?
SBBE: We’ll, I’m not sure what you expect anyway, we can’t do anything with a unit you didn’t buy from us.
Me: Okay, so when I bring in my box, my Best Buy receipt, and my Best Buy extended warranty, can you help me then?

I ended up driving down there and speaking to the person with whom I had the above exchange. The look on his face was priceless when he realized he was the stupid one. They removed the car stereo, sent it for service and returned it about 3 weeks later.

But you see, I can’t wait 3 weeks for tunes in my car. I went to Circuit City and filled my car audio void with a new stereo (minidisc player/recorder), 6 CD changer, etc.

When I returned to Best Buy to pick up my repaired unit, I explained to SBBE that had he been smart, he would have shown me the car stereos when he had a chance. But since he was hellbent on being right instead of helpful, I took my business to Circuit City. I had Best Buy install the JVC unit in my friend’s car.

To this day (4 years 2 months) I still avoid Best Buy.

This is from about three weeks ago. It was busy, so the Senior Sales Dude was working the register.

ME: Here’s my stuff: one set of batteries, one DVD and one CD. I’ve got this gift card and this $10 off voucher.

SSD: I’m glad you showed me those. It makes the whole transaction much easier

scan, scan, scan, scan [sub]can you count to three, children?[/sub]

SSD: That’s $ 25 with your card and voucher


*pays, thinks to self that doesn’t sound right, walks towards door

looks at reciept uh oh!*

ME to SSD: You’ve charged me for two sets of batteries

SSD: Well, I can’t give you a refund here. Go to returns

  • waddles over to returns desk*

ME: Can I get a refund for your mistake?

Refund Guy: Sure, no problem, couldn’t be easier.

hands over reciept

RG: Ah. You used a card and a voucher. Due to Best Buys incredibly advanced tecniques, we have divided your credits (card and voucher) into four seperate items, each listed along side each of your four purchases. And you only actually made three purchases. And we also have to refund you the sales tax. I can’t do this, so here’s what I’m going to do …

ME: Can’t you just give me the $13.99 plus tax as a credit?

RG: Sorry Sir, we are not authorised to do that. Let me call over a manager…
After around fifteen minutes, I did get back my money, but what planet do Best Buy hail from?

Are you sure the book was 30% off? I know our 30% off sign is so painfully ambiguous that we get one or two people a day who mistakenly think that a book is 30% off. They come up to the cash and point out that I forgot the non-existent discount. I explain how the sign is supposed to work and then they get pissed at me since they thought it was 30% and so on. Afterwards, I tell management to change the sign since I’m tired of getting shit on by people but they never do (fuckers).

In short, is it completely possible that the book wasn’t 30% off and the manager just gave you the 30% because it was easier to that than deal with your cantankerousness?

I wanted to connect a WAP to my router. In order to do that, I had to go out & buy a crossover cable.

The salesman thought I was a doo-doo head & insisted I buy a normal Cat5 cable (or Cat6 or whatever the hell they’re calling them these days), even after explaining the situation to him.

BB wouldn’t be so irritating if they didn’t have that… attitude.

About a month ago, they told me they didn’t carry crossover cables anymore.

So THAT’S how John Edward did it. Guess he’s fucked now.

The name of the store is Best Buy, not Best Service.

I finally gave up on them when I bought some speakers that turned out to be on back order. When the day arrived when they should’ve arrived I dutifully called. After a couple laps of their phone system and having “the right person” paged I pulled up a chair and a book, bound and determined to see how long it would be before I got a simple answer to my question, “Have my speakers arrived.”

I admitted defeat after 45 minutes.

I went through the worst online shopping experience I have ever had on

I wanted to order a stereo stand for our new house. I went into the checkout section online and entered my new address. The system informed me that my address was not recognized as valid. I figured that was probably because it was a new housing development, so I decided to have the item shipped to my work address. However, the system would not recognize my billing address as a valid address either!

Now I can see not wanting to ship an item to a supposedly non-valid address, but what am I supposed to do about my billing address?! It has to match the credit card, for crying out loud, and the stupid system would not let me proceed.

I decided to call their toll-free number to order the item. The sales drone assured me he could process the order. I went through the whole process, and it became obvious that the sales drone was using the same web-based system I had been using when he informed me that my new address was not recognized as valid. He was also unable to ship the item to my office because he couldn’t enter an address into the billing address section without encountering an error.

The sales drone told me that their system compares all addresses to USPS address information. I told him that I was receiving mail at my new address and had a mailbox. He then put me on hold for 10 minutes.

The sales drone came back and told me that he had figured out the problem. My USPS address that the system was trying to match had the ZIP+4 suffix on my zip code, and he had just been entering the 5-digit zip code. I said, “so you should be able to just type in the whole 9-digit zip code, right?” He replied that his system only allowed him to enter a 5-digit zip code, so there was no way to get a match, and no way to override the system. I remarked that that was just about the stupidest ordering system I’d ever heard of. He then helpfully suggested I contact my local post office and request that they change my official address in the USPS system to a 5-digit zip code. I said that was a pretty ridiculous suggestion when the problem was with Best Buy’s computer system. The sales drone then asked if I had a credit card with a different billing address. :rolleyes:

As it turns out, I did. I had one card that I hadn’t yet updated the address on. I went through the whole checkout procedure again with my old billing address, shipping the item to my work address, only to have the transaction rejected because that card was within 30 days of expiration. (Kind of defeats the whole point of an expiration date, eh?)

I gave up for the night.

My wife really wanted that particular stand, though, and I was unable to find it anywhere else, nor was it available in the Best Buy store. So after activating my renewal card, but pointedly not updating the billing address, I was finally able to order the item, which was now back-ordered. :rolleyes:

Two weeks later the item arrived at my office. The office admin assistant refused to sign for it, though and called me over. The box looked like it had been run over by a truck. Pieces were falling out of the holes in the cardboard. I refused the shipment, and called Best Buy. Ever the glutton for punishment, I asked for another item to be sent.

This sales drone told me that I would be double-billed until the first item came back to the warehouse. The second item was also back-ordered.

Two weeks after that, the second shipment arrived (and the first item was credited to my card). The second shipment was somewhat beat up as well, but seemed basically intact. It wasn’t until the whole thing was nearly put together that I noticed the dents and scratches in the metal supports, and discovered that both backing panels were cracked.

I will probably just call the manufacturer for replacement parts.

I will never order anything from Best Buy again.

Little Nemo, I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate. I am not saying you were wrong and she was right, but just offering an alternate scenario.

According to your post, book A had a sticker on it stating it was 30% off. Fine and dandy, just like you, I would think that was a valid sale price. However, I also know that some people are less than ethical, and will swap tags on things in a store (such as a presumably removable 30% off label, or price stickers in older supermarkets. The register girl probably does not know which books are discounted and which aren’t, so she has to rely on the register. If the register doesn’t reflect the discount, then her assumption, regardless of the sticker, is that the book is not discounted.

Either the register was misprogrammed or the book was mislabelled. Both of these are outside of the scope of most register jockeys to correct, and in a big box store like Best Buy, to even determine (unless they’ve encountered it before on that specific item). Perhaps this is her first time encountering a misprogrammed item. If so, “button-pushing chimp” is hardly appropriate. If you go there a second time, encounter the same error, and she doesn’t realize what’s happening again, then I see a problem.

ethanwinfield, that sure showed them! It showed them nothing. Two plus decades ago, I’d get customers who would come in to brag about how they bought so-and-so somewhere else and got better service, or a better price, or whatever. I could not have cared less. I got paid the same if you bitched at me, bragged about your shopping prowess to me, or if you bought from me (even when I was working the jewelry counter - still not commissioned). I’ve been led to believe that BB employees are not on commission (not sure how true it is, or if they have sales bonuses or what). If they are not commissioned, then buying from Circuit City means little to them. If you really want to show them, you need to send a letter similar to your post to their HQ. That’s where they care about sales.

It seems like all the Best Buy complaints I’ve read are over situation that could occur anywhere. In ethanwinfield’s case, it sounds like the rep was never informed that there were pending warranties on JVC products. He probably assumed ethan was trying to pull a fast one on him, and the **jackass customers ** thread is full of stories like that. That’s just miscommunication, not willful negligence.

Little Nemo, isn’t it possible the cashier thought that $24.95 was $26.95 minus 30 percent, and that $18.87 applied to the other book? And she did call over the floor manager. Sounds like she was trying to help get the situation straightened out, not blow you off.

Come on people. I keep expecting a lot worse every time I open these Hate-on-Best-Buy threads. These are creampuff gripes. They’re never anywhere near Wal Mart level.

I think the problem in that story is that the rep assumed the customer was trying to pull a fast one on him, and let the customer know that. What he SHOULD have said was,

“Are you certain you purchased that at Best Buy? I was under the understanding we didn’t carry those. I can go ahead and make an appointment for you, but make sure you bring your BB receipt and the warranty papers; without those, we won’t be able to service your stereo.”

As for not showing Ethan the other CD players, I’m totally with the flunky on this one. If I went to a store to get a free repair on a product they sold me, and a salesjock tried to sell me another version of that product, I’d be pissed at the moneygrubbing.


Sorry, but I don’t understand this at all. Are you saying they put up a sign saying 30% off, but it really means something else? Please explain.

According to the OP, the 30% off stickers were on the books.

There’s a large bright yellow sticker with big black letters saying “30% Off Publisher’s List Price” on both books. This is a pretty standard deal at Best Buy on new hardcovers, so there’s nothing ususual or suspect about this. The stickers are not easily removable without damaging them and it would be readily apparent if I took the sticker off one book and put it on another.

And it wasn’t like she was trying to tell me the book wasn’t discounted or that the price on the receipt was the discounted price. She basically just wasn’t listening to what I was saying. It was like I was trying to talk to her in another language and all she could pick out from what I was saying was the word “discount” and she had to guess what the problem was. Except we were both speaking English and there was no reason she shouldn’t have understood what was happening.

Part of my job is talking to people. And some of these people speak hardly any English or are mentally retarded or have way too long a history of drug use. So there are certainly times when communication is difficult. But I always make sure I understand what the question is before I give an answer.

Not a Best Buy rant, but this touched a customer service nerve that’s been bothering me for years.

Back in college, part of the meal plan was an account of funny money (called “Flex”) linked to your ID card that could be used at the snack stores and restaurants on campus. Many students had an $x per semester plan, but the way my school did it, you got a much smaller $y per week that reset each week. Over the semester $y per week ended up being about $2x, but only if you remembered to use it each week. This led to lots of Saturday night dinners on flex because it would reset at midnight.

But we had a problem at one restaurant. After our meals, we all handed over our cards and, as I was the only one who had the weekly plan, I said “Take whatever there is off of here, and I’ll pay cash for the rest.” A few minutes later, the server came back and said that there wasn’t enough on my card. I explained that I realized that, but that I could pay the difference. They said that there wasn’t anything on it. I figured that their scanner was just confused, and I paid cash for the purchase. Right after leaving, I went over to a little snack store and had them check my balance. $0.

I knew that I had had some money on it, so I figured that the restaurant had drained it and not realized it. I went back and complained, and got about $7 back (I knew I had at least that much on it). $7 is a lot when you’re a broke college student.

The next time I ate there, I checked my balance right before going, and I made a point of telling the server that the system would drain my card and give an error if you tried to charge more than it had. “So put just $8 on the card, and I’ll pay cash for the rest.” She must have ignored me because she came back a few minutes later and said that there wasn’t enough on it, and I’d have to pay cash. I asked to speak to the manager, and explained what had happened before, and the instructions I gave this time.

And the manager argued with me. “That’s not how it works,” she said. And then: “Nothing like this has ever happened before.”

No,” I corrected her. “As I just said, this very thing happened to me the last time I was here.”

She said that she couldn’t give me a refund. I took out $4 (the difference), laid it on the table, and walked out.

I never ate there again.

I don’t like Best Buy because it is always too loud. ( I won’t even go off into a rant about GameWorks and the incidious level of pure evil that is that place.)

Look, people, not all of your shoppers are 18 year old grunge metal-indie-pop music lovin’ teenagers, m’kay?

How would you like it if I blared some polka music at you at level 12, huh?!!!1111!!! You couldn’t take it. Punk.