[stupid, don't read] So Wall Street brokers and congressmen are members of the army now?

On the radio I heard a comment from a congressmen.

He says “They (those in the opposing party) are literally getting their marching orders from Wall Street”

Oh really? So those senators are enrolled in the Army and Wall Street brokers are their officers? And the Wall Street officers are telling the congressmen to walk in a straight line in formation in order to train them for war? Does that sound absurd? Well that’s the definition of “marching” and since you DID used the word “literally” then isn’t that what you’re describing?

Fuck me. He’s an elected official! I’m going to build a time machine and go live in ancient Rome where if I can’t vote for the Emperor, I can at least expect him to have a basic fucking command of English vocabulary. Er, Latin vocabulary. You know what I mean.

Jesus, though. I mean, fuck.

I am constantly literally amazed at the number of people who think “literally” means something other than what it literally means. So this quote literally does not surprise me at all.

ISTM that metaphorical marching orders can literally come from a specific source.

Kudos for your Truth-In-Advertising thread title, though. :smiley:

Would it be acceptable to you if he’d said “They are getting their marching orders literally from Wall Street”?

Well, the street in downtown New York doesn’t give orders to anyone. Here “Wall Street” is a metaphor for the financial institution on and around the literal Wall Street. So, even that change (though it’s a little better) is still confused.

OK, well what if we just hook “literally” to “getting”? Is that OK? Come on, work with me here.

Nowdays, very few of those Wall Street financial institutions are even literally located on or near the literal Wall Street. Most of them are headquartered in Midtown Manhattan or elsewhere.

While I agree that the word literally is often used incorrectly…

There’s a difference between the congressmen guessing about how the brokers would probably want them to vote, and the brokers actually telling them (either in person or via phone, letters or emails) to vote a certain way. Especially if there is an implied threat: “do it our way or else…”

If the word “literally” is being used to mean the second of these, it serves a useful purpose.

As opposed to “getting their literal marching orders from Wall Street?”

Richard Morgan’s BLACK MAN! NOW!

When people say “irregardless,” they generally mean “regardless” or “irrespective.”

Given the intent of the OP-quote (and other uses of “literally”), what is the correct, single word that is as easily understandable as the cursed word?

(I think people should use it alot!)

Or, if being ordered to march to the sea, littoral marching orders.

Sher, man. Whatever you say.

Worst rant ever. My head literally exploded when I read it.

I literally detonated Frostillicus’s head when I read this. That boat’s literally sailed, and the meaning of the word literally has literally changed. Move on; don’t be my grandpa.

I didn’t read the OP, but (even though I hate it when someone says this) that’s ok. Because the title said not to.

Literally is the sort of word literally invented to cause usage disputes.

This seems particularly appropriate for this thread.

Using literally metaphorically is a whole lot of fun. Literally.

I didn’t even open the thread.