Will Wall Street be abolished if Sanders wins?

Will a President Bernie Sanders destroy Wall Street so bad that it ceases to exist only to take care of non producers?

Do you figure President Sanders will still face a GOP House and Senate?

No. Any reason to believe otherwise?

Is it the OP’s contention that everything “produced” in the U.S.A. comes from Wall Street?

Most likely. He could sign executive orders. We’ll see.

Please tell us what you think Executive Orders are, because yours don’t sound like anything that exists in my world.

Executive Order #1: Destroy Wall Street. And destroy it BAAAAAAAD!!!

See, easy as pie!

How would he do such a thing? Please be specific.

I think you need to carefully parse the poorly-phrased OP. He seems to be saying that Wall Street currently exists solely to facilitate the lifestyles of people who do little else but make wagers and shift M3 around.

Seem the OP idea is coming from the right wing echo chamber, source please.

Really? That’s what you got out of the OP? i couldn’t make heads or tails of that gobbledigook, and I am afraid if I ask for clarification, it will only be worse.

I am still trying to wrap my mind around Bernie abolishing Wall Street. Has Bernie even implied something so nonsensical? If not, from where is the OP getting the idea?

Sigh… Okay, I must be a glutton for punishment but let’s see how far I get with this: GloryDays, I am going to ask you a simple question. From where did you get the idea that Bernie wants to abolish Wall Street?

What Constitutional authority does the President have to unilaterally “abolish Wall Street”?

Hahahaaaa… The very idea has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.

Would we return to that nightmarish hellscape that existed between the Great Depression and the repeal of Glass-Steagal?

God forbid.

Well, the “general welfare” clause authorizes him to unilaterally nationalize all the corporations, you see, and then, once they’re all government property, what’s the point of a center for swapping around shares of them?

His 105% tax on all earnings?
Well he hasn’t proposed that yet, but the campaign is still young.

Well, you never know what the hell those Godless Democrats will do!!

This is a common misunderstanding. Actually, Bernie wants to abolish Wall Drug.

“General welfare” is in Article I§8. That is Congress. There is much less written in Article II covering the duties and powers of the president.

Let me just add one note of caution for the OP. Do not tells us that you don’t believe this yourself, but that you have “friends” who do. Friends who are scared, about to snap and who need to be respected.