Stupid f%&)*&)_*ing eBay!

(Not violent enough for the pit.)

Morons! I provided my credit card info when I signed up as a seller with the understanding that my ebay fees would be automatically charged when they came due. So why is it that they never took the money?! I went ahead and paid via PayPal today after receiving an email that my account was being suspended for non-payment of fees. When I had gone online to do that before, it would even WARN me that my account was set to be paid automatically and that entering a manual payment could result in a double payment. GRRR! :mad:

For your sake, I hope that the email you responded to was really from eBay. There are some very well-done phishing schemes out there that warn you that your eBay account is being suspended.

I logged on to ebay directly from a new window. Thanks for the heads-up, though.

Yes, definitely re-examine that email and your account. We discussed phishing at Thanksgiving dinner. Apparently, a well-known realtor here in town fell for one of those emails recently.

I get a lot of spam, and I regularly get scam eBay emails, along with every bank I’ve never even heard of urging me to ‘update my account’ information. Oh, and all those people overseas who need my help transferring 20 million out of the country.

I always pay my eBay fees by PayPal anyway. What with listing fees, final value fees and PayPal fees, I might as well avoid any further fees by paying through eBay’s own payment system.


I checked my bank account today online, and saw that my PayPal transfer to eBay PLUS a debit card charge to “eBay” had been processed, so I immediately checked out my eBay account. Sure enough, the fuckers charged my card TWO DAYS after I made my PayPal payment. Dammit, I want my $5.28 back. However, I see no way to contact them about this. Any clues?

So I’m guessing the email was a scam, which didn’t get you because you didn’t click the link in the email, you opened a browser window and logged into eBay yourself. Then eBay did exactly what they are supposed to, charging your credit card on the correct date. Is that what happened? You should check the headers on that email.

Well, eBay definitely can have a problem in that area. A couple of years ago, back when I used eBay a lot, I had an eBay balance of 7.35 in seller fees, which was supposed to be automatically deducted.

So, I get an email from eBay that they had a problem and were unable to deduct it, and now I’m late, and they are assessing me a $29 late fee. And there was no reason why they couldn’t take the fee from the credit card I’d provided. I’d also provided an alternate source.

So I used Paypal to pay them the $7.35 and never used eBay again.

That smells scammy, too- I paid some sellers fees REALLY late once (I was just lazy and it was like $4) and they never charged anything for a late fee that I know of. Weird.

Let me clarify even further … when I checked my eBay seller’s account by logging on to eBay, they show that two payments were made to my account. So they charged my card AFTER I paid them via PayPal. My account balance is now -$5.28 because they got paid twice.