Stupid Facebook Meme

I’m thinking of changing it to:

The Girl you just called fat? She just ate two Big Macs. The Boy you just called stupid? He stayed up all last night drinking instead of studying for his test. The Girl you just called ugly? She’s also really shallow. The Boy you just tripped? He spreads rumors about you behind your back. There’s less to people than you think. Put this as your status if you’re against stupid Facebook memes.

I hate, hate facebook memes. They take all the fun out of Your Open Book, for one thing. The one that is horrifying me now is something along the lines of “If your Japanese girlfriend dumped you, remember there are plenty more in the sea.” Sweet Jesus, can people be bizarrely cruel.

93% of people won’t even reply to this thread.

I know my family will :smiley:

My favorites are the ones like: Change Your Avatar To your Favorite Childhood Cartoon Character and Help Child Abuse Awareness!

What’s the word again for “thinking you’re making a difference by doing nothing”? I know there’s a term for that.

What’s worse is how anyone will do things like this. I’ve always wanted to start a meme like “Post a Pic Of Your Favorite Canned Tuna Brand and help Save Whales!”

I’ll bet 9 out of ten of my friends fall for it.

I thought the latest in Facebook anti-bullying was the site set up for Casey the Punisher who finally snapped after years of bullying.

Popular guy.

If it was focused on abused women, would you feel the same way?

I believe it’s called “Slacktivism”.

Ironically most of the people who put it as their status are the ones who do the bullying.

I really hate the one like “While you SCREAM at your woman, blahblah I don’t even remember the rest of it…” but it boils down to there’s some wannabe Mr. Nice Guy viewing your abused woman from afar wishing he could save her from you because he’s a super Nice Guy.

RAWR, that one is dumb. I actually wrote a bitchy note about it and then unfriended a bunch of people who posted it (they were serial “Copy this to your status if you love kittens!” anyway, but still).

I haven’t run across the bullying one just yet, thank goodness. My current favorite is the “THINK ABOUT THIS!!! 9/11 (NY), 1/11 (Haiti [which… wasn’t that on the 12th anyway?], 3/11 (Japan)…” and then something about how 12/21/2012 equals 11 if you add up and the digits and a Bible quote taken out of context and then, in parentheses, it says: So ask your self, ARE YOU READY?!

Mentally, I always add “… for some FOOTBALL! YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!”

I saw one person who came away from the crowd and added “2/27 (New Zealand)” which I guess is significant because OMFG, IF YOU ADD ALL THE DIGITS, IT’S JUST LIKE ELEVEN! I dunno.

I wish my family had never realized there was such a thing as Facebook or the internet or, you know… news.

My favorite ones are the “inside jokes” where women post their bra color or something similar but don’t actually mention why their status consists of a color and refuse to tell you if you ask.

This is done “to raise awareness”. My irony meter, she esplode.

My favorite:

Put this as your status if you know or are related to someone killed on Alderaan when it was obliterated by the Death Star. My wish is that people will understand that the Empire is a band of murdering scum. The Rebel Alliance wants to bring peace to the galaxy, but the Galactic Empire continues to kill innocent civilians. 93% won’t copy/paste this. Will YOU make this your status for at least one hour?

Gah, you separatists are all the same! The Jedi and their precious Republic always strove to keep the galaxy stagnant and controllable. Their idea of “balance” meant “no opposition.” Next to them the Empire’s honesty of mission is downright refreshing. Will YOU make this your status for at least one week to help heighted geek awareness? :smiley:

Oh, sure, *one *person thinking they’re making a difference by doing nothing is nothing. But *millions *of people? It starts to add up!

What with the latest events in the news, I see we actually are getting around to nuking the gay whales. If only we could somehow involve Jesus in all this.

That reminds me of the guy who, years and years ago, knocked on our door selling books. He tried to tell my dad (who was a business professor) that he was selling the books for less than his own cost - it was THAT GOOD A DEAL! My dad asked how he was making any money, then. The guy responded that he made it up in volume.

I can’t wait to post this on FB! Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:

It kind of reminds me of how everyone was going to end the war in Viet Nam by going to concerts and singing about love.

ETA: Well, at least they were going to concerts and singing about love, I guess.

Sorry, but that’s funny in a black humor kind of way. That sounds exactly like something that I’d post, but I refuse to use Facebook in the manner intended and instead use it as my own personal theare of the absurd.

Both added to my facebook status, as status, then comment on said… :smiley:

I like the ‘post if your kid is awesome/your mom is awesome/dad is awesome’ - cause they are! And they are my friends, so they will see it…