Stupid fear mongering ads...I thought we were grownups.

What a shitty thing to do. I just got back from Germany about maybe 12 hours ago. My wife and I and our cats were up for about 24 hrs. straight. We found a hotel that accepts pets and tried to get some sleep. I don’t have to report to Ft. Bragg for another week, and this being election day I thought we’d at least relax today, and catch our breath. We can look for a home tomorrow.

Plus I figured as long aw we all have a place to saty we can watch the election on TV and chill out in here. After all, this is historic. Jet lag doesn’t mean tired all of the time, it also means I’m still working on central europe time. So after 0500 I could not sleep anymore. I turned on the TV to see what was going on. The first thing I see is a commercial talking about Obama and Rev. Wright. Tagline Obama: Too Radical, Too Risky. It makes him look like Farrakhan. It says nothing about anything Obama may have said, just Wright. I thought this line of attack was over months ago. Its fear mongering, and a pathertic attempt at that. The commercial didn’t appear to be endorsed by McCain, but still, it was kind of distasteful.

I cannot wait until this is all over. The smear attacks, the stupid fear inducing ads, its tiring. Its not the kinda thing that makes you feel good on your first morning back in the USA in almost 4 years. (I’d say the same thing if the commercials were focused on McCain.)

A wonderful ad! I saw it maybe three times in five minutes last night - on of all shows Rachel Maddow’s!

The way the public has reacted to negative smears this particular cycle, especially at this point in the cycle, on election eve, with an old news attack, this ad will work great … to drive even more turnout for Obama, and to keep marginal McCain supporters home.

Heh. We’re on opposite schedules, Jolly Roger, or almost – I just got back to Germany on Sunday from a week in Virginia and Florida. I saw that ad and was unimpressed. Seriously, if that is the very best argument they can come up with this late in the game, they’re running on whatever’s emptier than empty.

It may be an effective tactic, though. I think if McCain started hammering away on Wright again 2 weeks ago, it would’ve been stale by now. But he saved it for the very last moment hoping to ride the initial surge of the reaction of new people who maybe didn’t pay that much attention to the primaries…

I saw that ad several times last night while watching the SNL election special. It took me a few viewings to figure out that it wasn’t a joke.

What a bunch of maroons.

It’s stale. So stale. Something on the order of six months stale. This tactic was played during the primaries, and everyone in the entire country heard about it then. And Obama did what he could to settle the issue. Then.

Bringing it up six months later in a last-minute bid so obviously desperate isn’t going to do a thing to help McCain. If anything, it’ll backlash and energize Obama’s base.

I’m glad you found a hotel for your cats, though.

Thanks. So am I. When we got to Fayatteville we had literally been up on and the go for 24 hrs. I don’t count any sleep on the plane…its not restful at all. Especially since I sat behind the most annoying guy in the world.

Jet Jaguar is pretty upset. He’s been restless and needing a little extra attention since we got here. Stache and Banshee are sleeping comfortably. I think Jets begun to calm down now that he’s been around us for a few hours. I’m vsure the entire day in his carrier didn’t make him feel very good. He Hulked Out when I put him in it. We honestly thought he’d break through the door on it like the Hulk. Luckily this place is near a store where we could get kitty litter and food for them. I’m surprisingly awake after getting few hours of sleep, despite the jet lag. I keep thinking though “Man, I could use a beer!” and then remembering its only 1130 AM here! So my internal clock is still running on Oberammergau time. My wife just commented that shes tired but can’t sleep.

I’d be more into finding a place today, but I wanted at least one day where we could relax a bit, plus, I’m following any election news I can get.

You may not get a beer anyway - I don’t know about North Carolina, but SC has a lot of weird funny rules about alcohol on Election Day.

There are two stores near here that sell beer…plus, I brouht some last night. :slight_smile:

i would have gotten some german beer from duty free when I left Germany, but since my thyroid surgery I’ve not been able to handle it as well.

The dirty ad blew up in Doles face. She is the projected loser. First time in 50 years with no Bush or Dole elected to something.