Oh boy, here comes Reverend Wright

This’ll make the nutters happy.

I don’t listen to a lot of what this guy says and I don’t really care. The Right has it’s Jerry Folwell and Pat Robertson and a lot of other complete loons, and we’ve had far more Presidents paying attention to those assholes, and paying them homage, than guys like this.

I kinda like him. He’s cuddly.

I listened to Hannity on the radio (always nice to know what they’re up to over there) and Dick Morris was on his show last night and mentioned this, stroking Hannity about being the first to “bring up” Rev. Loudmouth. As if it matters. It’s good to know that McCain isn’t driving this, but it’s neat to watch the wingnuts melt down and have nothing to hang on to as they slip into obilivion.

Conservative movement eats itself. Film at 11. And 12. And 1. And 2. Welcome to the 24-hour news cycle. Better than Sunday afternoon motocross. :slight_smile:

This is very encouraging. They’re down to days and hours left, and their master plan is something that was already tried and failed half a year ago.

Then of course you put the conservative movement and a Sunday afternoon motocross together, and you get this:


Oh. My. God.

Why have I never heard of Wright before?

They were right. I really didn’t know Obama. Not truly.

I’m going to vote for the white guy now.

Yep, Rush brought this here Reverend Wright to my attention just this afternoon. Don’t know how this escaped my attention before. This man actually said ‘God Damn the USA’, not once but at least three times in the same sermon. And apparently Obama went to his church on Sunday for something like twenty years, so clearly Mr. Obama wants God to damn the USA too. And if he becomes President, then obviously God does damn the USA, because He just let some anti-American, uh, person, get elected to run the whole goddam country.

Er, I think that’s what I wanted to say.

That makes no sense though. Obama’s a Muslim. What’s a Muslim doing in church?

Well, there in a nutshell is the evil genius of the man. He’s been planning this for a long, long time. He goes to an anti-American church for twenty years to distract you from the fact that he’s a muslim, which, as we all know, is far worse than just being anti-American.

I mean, wake up, USA!

I hope you guys are right. Someone mentioned in another thread that it’s Friday, and people start tuning out the news, so really, only Monday counts. I hope that’s true too.

I have to admit to my own ignorance here. I completely tuned out politics until a few weeks ago and missed the whole Rev. Wright episode. I think I know pretty much the gist just from people referencing it in political threads, which is that Obama went to this Wright’s church, Wright doesn’t like white people, and Obama took his sweet time in denouncing Wright’s views, therefore “some people say” that Obama agrees with Wright. Could someone put the Wright/Obama connection into an intelligent nutshell for me or send me to a link (one written by someone sane…I’m sure googling could come up with tons of sites by wingnut crackloons so I’m afraid to go searching) that explains it all in more depth, please?

I have heard that Obama gave what many consider a pretty impressive speech about race in response to all that, but since I tuned Obama out too until fairly recently (post-DNC convention), that’s another thing I missed. Anyone got a link to it?

The ad’s already running in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, and McCain is likely to win at most one of those three. Imagine just how played-out the good Rev. must be if those ads are running and people are still moving toward Obama.

Or maybe he’s got some white friends. And they be clappin’ like this, y’all.

That was me. It’s longstanding practice for companies and people to dump bad news on a Friday when fewer people are paying attention. Over the weekend, McCain’s going to be on SNL and people are going to watch football. Monday they’ll each be in 15 states before breakfast, like that’s what makes the difference.

There are too many threads on Wright to even count. If you want to see Obama’s Philadelphia speech on race, it’s available on his Web site.

It wasn’t even really like that. There’s no particular reason to believe Wright hates white people or America; he was a U.S. Marine for two years, and a Navy corpsman and medic.

The problem is that he subscribes to black liberation theology, which is sort of like Marxism for black folk - ie “rise up and overthrow the whites” instead of the bourgeoisie. It’s more like a political movement than a theological one, although being Church-based there’s plenty of Jesus stuff involved. It represents black people as the Israelites, waiting for God to lead them out of Egypt.

Essentially, it’s a Christian-based anti-racism movement- but it uses some pretty scary-sounding rhetoric (like “God damn America!”)

Thanks Marley23. I couldn’t remember where I read your post because I was skipping from thread to thread.

It’s awfully risky of McCain to go on SNL, isn’t it? I’d think they wouldn’t much like him over there, he’ll come across as a stiff old guy, and his smile is pretty creepy. I’ve heard that Palin was on a few weeks ago, I guess to show what a good sport she was. Has Obama and/or Biden ever been on SNL?

The thought of trying to find something specific on Obama’s web site fills me with dread, which is why I asked for a link, because I thought someone might have it bookmarked. That was just me being a lazy bitch.
ETA, thanks RNATB!

I think I’ll invite him over to play Rock Band.

Yes, especially if the Wright ads actually do run. On a live show, one loud “You said no Reverend Wright!” ringing out from the audience will eat up a lot of Monday’s news cycle. Question is, will anyone have the balls to yell it?

Technically, he’s not behind the Wright ads, some 527 group is. The surprising part is that someone aside from McCain would actually spend money on McCain’s campaign at this point.

The thing that amazes me is how few people have taken the time to listen to the whole thing, which is readily available online.

It is a prophetic diatribe. He is directly linking the times God turned his back on Israel (damning them) with America’s unjust behavior. You would think that a man calling America to live up to biblical ideals would excite the religious right, but alas no. Many religious are more loyal to their party than to their God.