Stupid Gun news of the day (Part 2)

Given his arrest record, I imagine that he was building an illegal explosive device.

I can’t find anything more recent than 2 weeks ago, but the story’s been updated to “lost a hand and has burns over 55% of his body.”

SCENE: An improvised bomb factory
New Recruit: I was told to report to the senior instructor.
Bomb Maker: Do I look like the senior instructor?
New Recruit: What’s he look like?
Bomb Maker: It’s real easy kid. Want to know how much experience someone here has? Count their hands and then count their fingers.

For reasons that are not clear, the driver of the pickup decided to fire over a dozen shots through his side window (blowing out the glass on the first shot) apparently at the car next to him. My guess is that he suddenly felt like his magazine was too full.

Yet another mass shooting. This time in Highland Park, IL, a very affluent northern suburb of Chicago, at a July 4 parade.

Already a thread started at MPSIMS

You know how we solve half our gun problem? Stop selling any weapon at all to white men under the age of 30.

  1. At the very least.

So where’s The Good Guy With A Gun who’s supposed to stop this sort of thing?
Or is that another myth like The Wholesale Confiscation Of All Guns?

I thought the 4th was supposed to be about fireworks and not firearms…

In phila a shooter timed his shooting of 2 policemen with the fireworks.

“In what authorities believe was an accident”…I can’t wait for the day when one of these shootings is not believed to be an accident and the state seeks the death penalty for a 5 year old. …

Damien, is that you?

And again, an “accidental” shooting. That is patently false. This shooting was either deliberate or negligent. There isn’t any middle ground.

There are no accidents with guns. — Jim Wright, Stonekettle Station

I get what you’re saying, and with guns an extreme level of care is required, so a gun “going off” or a gun being shot by a child is definitely the result of negligence. But isn’t your statement, as it reads, true of all accidents of any type? What car crash isn’t the result of negligence at some level? Isn’t falling off a ladder due to negligence?

In many settings, “motor vehicle accident” (“MVA”) has been replaced by motor vehicle collision" (“MVC”) to make the same point.

I know some businesses and agencies deliberately use the term “mishap” for the same reason.

This incident was this past Feb., but this story was just published today. A man with a rifle creeping around a kids dance competition. True hero of a cop here, BTW.

"Within minutes, Simpo spotted the suspect, later identified as Guido Herrera, near the Westin Ballroom entrance, within a few feet of hundreds of children. Surveillance video shows Herrera wearing a shirt with the Punisher logo, carrying a rifle in one hand, a Bible in another, and wearing a leather mask with spikes.
“I quickly bum rushed, tackled him. And my first reaction was to make sure that I get a hold of the rifle. No matter what I grabbed, make sure I grabbed that rifle,” Simpo said. “I had in my mind (that) I was going to get shot. I just had to bear the pain, I knew it was going to hurt, and I was like, ‘Whatever I do, I cannot let go of this rifle.’”

So why is this story stupid, I can hear you asking? The answer is: “Oh yeah, Texas.”

“Once under arrest, police took inventory of what he carried. Besides the rifle and Bible, they also found 120 rounds of ammunition and a handgun. However, since Herrera didn’t actually shoot anyone, he did not commit a felony offense under Texas law.”

Texas: “No felony until there’s dead kids!”

So, they gave him back all his guns and ammo and sent him on his way???