Stupid Gun news of the day

Good toddler with a gun? I’m sure the positive gun news thread will spin this somehow…

The three-year-old had an extensive criminal history including multiple time-outs and one five minute sit-in-the-corner conviction.
The three-year-old also tested positive for milk and had high levels of sugar in his system.

I’m not sure where else to put this.

Remington subpoenas records of 9 slain Sandy Hook students. Are they trying to prove the kids deserved it?

“NEWTOWN — A gunmaker being sued by nine families who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook shootings has subpoenaed the academic, attendance and disciplinary records of five children killed that day. The subpoena included requests for school records of four educators who were killed.”

I really don’t know much about this lawsuit, but this just seems crazy to me.

Gotta prove that either they had it coming, or that it’s not a terrible loss. Kindergarteners sometimes are bad people that give good gunmakers a bad name.
The massacre happened in an earlier time, can’t blame antifa for this one. Gotta smear the kindergarteners!

What follows is completely speculative. A wrongful death lawsuit (is that what this one is?) attempts to show damages based on the death. They may be getting this information to challenge the amount of damages claimed. I do not know what that amount is. But it is not likely that they would use that information to place blame on the victims.

I wonder whether the suit is on solid ground to begin with, as manufacturers are generally not held liable for how their products are used unless a defect caused the death, otherwise people would be suing Ford and Toyota for every drunk driving death. But IANAL.

There is one dark corner of the internet that believes the whole Sandy Hook thing was done with crisis actors. Maybe their checking to make sure the kids actually existed? Which of course makes them assholes of the highest order.

BTW this is the same company that responded to a subpoena by providing chaff in the form of thousands of random documents and images that were not only unrelated to what was being subpoenaed, but seemingly unrelated to their business at all.

Classic shotgun approach.

Five-year-old Arizona boy accidentally shoots and kills mom.

Mass Shootings/Homicides highest since '90s.

Texas opens up CCW for all with zero training requirement.

(Is OG just splashing us with bleach!?)

Noticed one of the links on that story

I don’t think that one has been posted here, but all the stupid people doing stupid things with their guns tends to run together after a while.

I’m assuming with Texas’s law of open and concealed carry for all without licensing, this thread will reach the 10000 max post limit in no time…

Mother shoots her son to death over a missing memory card.

The real stupidity here is that the woman has mental health issues – which went untreated until the day before the shooting – yet owns two guns and has a concealed carry license.

How dare you say such a thing!? Who else would more need the protection of the almighty guardian of the American people than someone who believed “that people were out to get her”?

Not the time or place to express sarcasm or whatever you were going for.

Ok, mom…
Just what do you think goes on in this thread?
I was making fun of those who believe that a gun is their best protection against those who would do them harm.
The fact that the pro gun stance is synonymous with paranoia is ripe for comedy

Lordy, can’t family put away the fucking guns for even one night…? /s

Sorry, I didn’t notice we were in the Pit, where poor taste is allowed.

I apologize. The mother of sons in me took over. I even had memory cards that my sons might have purloined but I never considered shooting them several times in the head.I probably shouldn’t have looked at his picture…those eyes.

Would have been nice if those friends and family concerned about her mental health had called the police and said her guns & CCW were posing a danger to herself and others. I know, singing to the choir.

Actually poor taste is allowed everywhere. The Pit is the only place where you can be outright abusive.

Actually I’m not sure why this thread is in the Pit any more so than the so-called “good news” thread.

Anyway, despite the tragic nature of many of the news items posted here, there is a pattern set up of tragic event followed by sarcastic comments about the stupidity/mental illness/utter lack of responsibility of the perpetrators. That’s just the vibe of the thread. Some may find the sarcastic comments offensive in contrast to the tragedy of the events, but if you come in here that’s what you sign up for.