Stupid health insurance question -- Humana


I had an eye exam and ordered some contacts yesterday from a place that was listed on my health insurance website (Humana). At the end of the visit, I paid $239 on my credit card…

Because I’m 24 and quite retarded, I’m confused how to get my insurance to cover this. Do I send them a receipt? Call the eye place? Or am I screwed? I gave them my insurance information when I signed in… I’m so confused. :frowning:

Call your insurance company and ask them. You should have a customer service number either right on your card or on the benefits booklet you should have received.

There might be a claim form you need to fill out, or they might want you to just send them a letter with a copy of the itemized receipt (I’ve had insurance in the past that did things both of these ways). Next time, remind the place you are getting the services from that you have given them the insurance info - they can tell you whether they’ll file the paperwork for you - in which case you won’t need to pay up front unless there’s a copay - or whether you have to pay at the time service is rendered and then file a claim.

Call your insurer. Say you need a claim reimbursement form. They’ll arrange for you to get one in the mail or online, or by fax.
Fill the form out. Attach the receipt from “Contacts, Inc” or whoever, and mail it into your insurer. The insurer will then cut you a check for whatever portion (if any) of the rendered goods or services their plan covers, minus any unsatisfied deductible for this year.

Oh, and unless it’s an emergency need, try going to places that will file directly against your insurance, and THEN send you the bill AFTER the insurance company has paid its share.
It will save you time, hassle and result in many vendors cutting their prices for you because they have special rates for the insurance company that you would be UNABLE to negotiate.