Stupid "Heavy Metal 2000" question

Pardon me for asking, but…does anyone know the name of the goateed sidekick character from the movie “Heavy Metal 2000”? You know, the one Julie was threatening to murder every five minutes? I can’t remember his name from the movie itself, and aside from the characters voiced by “big” names, all the human characters listed in the credits have names like “Phil” or “Bob.”

Well, thanks for your time,

(Well, it was better than “Titan A.E.” Sort of.)

A stupid movie inspires all kinds of stupid questions, but this one isn’t so bad. The character’s name is Germain St. Germain, and he was voiced by Pier Kohl.

What inspires really stupid questions are the actions of The Mysterious Odin who…

turns out to be Arakacian, a leftover member of the immortal species that conquered the galaxy 800 billion years earlier. He seems invulnerable, as the serum-doped Tyler was (Odin takes a major stabbing just before the climax, but appears later, apprantly regenerated and unharmed) so why does he care so much about the water sealed inside the temple? And didn’t he realize that he could be locked in if anyone yanked the key crystal? Anyway, once he gets in the temple, all he does is laugh maniacally. That’s what he was waiting for all these centuries? Dude, get a hobby.