STupid Internet

I dont know what the hell is wrong with my internet settings, I cant find anything obviously wrong with any settings, but I get lotsa ‘hickups’ with teh internet. Ill click on a page or open a new browser, and it will take anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 min for it to open up…what gives?
[info: running win 98SE, AMD 1.8ghz Athlon, 512 Mem, 20gb HDD, using bell sympatico highspeed, using Linksys ethernet router)

any help would be appreciated :smiley:


Sometimes it takes a long time to load web pages because the server that contains the web page is really busy (this is often the case for the SDMB). Nothing you can do about this, short of buying the chicago reader a spiffy new server (which I’m sure they would appreciate, but it will set you back quite a bit in the cash department).

Sometimes your ISP is overloaded and creates a bottle neck. Nothing you can do here either, except complain a lot, or switch ISPs.

Sometimes your computer is the target of a hacker, and even if he/she isn’t getting into your computer they are keeping it so busy dealing with the network traffic that it takes a heck of a long time for it to do anything else. This one is hard to deal with, but hackers will either hack into your system, or try for a while and give up. They generally won’t keep up an attack for days on end unless you specifically do something to piss one of them off.

Sometimes the hacker did get in, and your computer is spending an awful lot of time running evil programs in the background, making anything in the foreground slow. If you don’t have a good anti-virus and trojan detector, now would be a really good time to get one. AVG seems to be good if you’re on a budget (it’s free).

Sometimes its adware/spyware choking up your system. Adaware and spybot are your typical cures for these folks.

Sometimes its a normal program on your system that has a bug in it that eats up a lot of memory for no good reason (in programming we call this a memory leak). This can cause your computer to slowly grind to a halt. Rebooting will cure the problem, but running the offending program will cause it to eventually come back. If you find such an offender, see if the company that made it has a patch available.

One more thing, did you recently add memory? All win 9.x operating systems have a problem with too much RAM in your system. Microsoft’s web site will tell you where the problem occurs, and has a workaround for it. IIRC, it’s either at 512 that you start having the problem, or if you go above it, not sure off the top of my head.

The RAM issue but this isn’t it

I can’t explain exactly why, but my Mothers PC used to have the same problem. You’re not using IE are you ?

My mom was, so I just downloaded Netscape 7.1 - her PC is now quick as wink. Literally. Not a stall in sight.

The issue may come back, but for the moment it’s gone.

Maybe try that ?

I started having this problem when I switched to broadband, and it drove me nuts. It appears that my problem was I was using up my temporary internet files cache rather quickly, and once it was full, performance dropped horrendously. Now, I empty out my Temp Internet Files every night before shutting down, and haven’t had a problem since.


  1. The bottleneck from ISP is def not it because we never had a prob before I reinstalled Windows, and my roommates dont experience this.

  2. As far as a hacker, this has been going on for 2 weeks no, this guy must have a serious grudge if he’s still trying. Im pretty certain that isnt the prob either.

  3. As far as ad/spyware, when i open task manager, all the items listed there appear to be legit (checked with If you can recommend a program that checks for ad/spyware, that would be great.

  4. As far as a memory leak, once again, i havent installed anything new since the format, so I doubt that it is a program causing this.

Any other suggestions?

I have IE 6.0.2. I dunno if i maybe need to update it, i can try that and get back to you. I would prefer to stick with IE though

I have tried cleaning the temp int folder…still no dice. Experiencing the same probs still :frowning:

Oh and by the way, I do have Norton Antivirus 2003 and i run weekly updates and checks, so unless its a trojan or something of that sort, it should pick up any viruses.

At the risk of sounding redundant - that’s madness.

I am not a “band-wagon” type, but IE sucks ass in hell. It is ridiculously insecure and virus prone.

Seriously, try Opera, Netscape or Firefox even if this problem clears itself up on its own. If it doesn’t try Netscape 7.1 - that should help.

At least try Firefox before you decide to stick with IE. Give it a couple weeks, check it out - it’s awesome. I can’t even stand to use IE anymore. And it’ll keep you safe from spyware, too.

Fair enough, and where would I be able to get those browsers?

Check out where you can download the Mozilla suite or the Mozilla Firefox browser. Firefox is the one I use; it’s open-source (and free) and it’s a great browser. Tabs are nice too.

Well, i dl Firefox thingy, and it works great and all. But im still experiencing ‘disconnections’ from teh internet :mad:

any other suggestions??