Stupid liberal idea of the day

Women in general have to do this as well. My ex-wife, for example, still put on makeup and wore her San Antonio Food Bank gear last week, explaining that people will take her more seriously.

Since it’s been awhile, the whole “sightseeing clothes” post was about a friend of mine and I, on vacation, walking around San Francisco on a Sunday morning. We passed a very fancy restaurant serving brunch, I think it was in the Ritz -Carlton and decide to have lunch there. We were in shorts and tee shirts, everyone else was really dressed up.

My comment was that treating the Ritz Carlton like McDonalds was a total power/privilege move, and frankly…it was awesome.

Yeah, interesting note on “formal/business dress” is that one fall I interviewed at a number of ad agencies around the country. The larger the city/the bigger the firm/the more powerful the person I was meeting with… the more casual the clothes.

Small agency in the midwest? Sportcoat and tie. Mid-size Seattle office? Sweater and khakis. West Coast ‘ad shop’? The Creative Director wore a faded polo shirt and and torn pants made of what looked like Tyvek.

It got to the point where the top dog sauntered in, replete in jeans and a black t-shirt with “Eat The Rich” scrawled across it. But great guy, and I loved working for him. Yeah, that’s the place I chose, and it was as crazy as you’d expect.

We did the “grab a bite at a fancy restaurant while dressed like teen rebels” thing. It was great.

Disease X has a cure, big pharma and the ADA suppress it because there’s more money in treating the symptoms.

Car companies know how to make a 300 mpg car, but big oil suppresses it

Cops are all racist and systematically target black people, there’s a secret white cop meeting every Monday to further this goal.

You didn’t get the job/promotion because you are a female, and males have all agreed to this.

Marijuana is a perfectly healthy thing to light on fire and suck into your lungs. Phillip Morris suppresses this info.

I could go on…

I was just teasing you. My sight-seeing clothes are the same as my regular clothes are the same as my summer clothes are the same as my winter clothes - jeans and a t-shirt or shorts and a t-shirt, depending on the temperature :slight_smile:

This has been a common delusion among many car aficionados for literally decades; there’s nothing specifically “liberal” about it. Hell, here’s Cecil Adams debunking the idea more than thirty years ago.

Likewise, “Big Pharma” conspiracy theories are peddled by grifters like Kevin Trudeau to marks of all political stripes.

Anti Vaxxers are right wing, I’ll grant you that. But Disease X has a cure etc is left wing

Cites for any of the stuff you just made up? I mean, this thread was stupid from post #1 when Clothahump submitted it, but the thread, thanks mainly to lefties, has so far maintained a level of credibility.

Ronald Reagan hated gay people and purposely suppressed AIDS research

Are you confused of the - for lack of a better word- purpose of this thread?

Welcome back! Do you think your trolling sock ass is going to last longer this time?

Do you want a cite from the official website that states that all liberals believe things. Of course they don’t. Do some ultra liberals conspiracy theorist believe these things? Yes they do.

Stupid conservative idea of the day would be Qanon. Do all conservatives believe in Qanon? Of course not.

30% of Republicans have a favourable opinion of the insane gibberings of Q-anon. That’s a pretty fucking large number, even if it’s not “all” who believe in mentally ill ramblings that have no basis in reality whatsoever.

So 70% do not

I see. So, you’re a dumbass. Got it.
Clothahump, the guy who started this thread, would be proud of you.

Wow I am impressed with your wicked math skilz.

You’ve not provided any cites that say they do, though.

This thread is about things that make the news, as you would notice if you’d read the other posts in the thread.

And, FTR, I did report you as a sock. I’m pretty sure you’re a recently banned poster.

Reaganomics and the Laffer curve, post-1986, were massive Republican delusions during my lifetime with serious consequences for this country.

If you look at the Stupid Republican thread, almost every single post is a specific action by specific Republicans.

Just a list of “conspiracy stuff believed by people on both sides but that means a bunch of libtards, too” shouldn’t be enough to warrant a post.

But come back with some current evidence of a Liberal touting those, and we’ll mock them just as hard as we would a Conservative.

(I think it’s safe to say that this entire board is united in our belief in the stupidity of the average person of any political stripe… but we need facts)

I like how the stupid liberal idea OF THE DAY involves Ronald Motherfucking Rotting And Decaying Reagan.