Stupid lights in my office..(minor rant)

They just replaced the lightbulbs above my desk, 1 or 2 of the four were out. Didn’t bother me, but anyway…they just replaced them all and now it is so fucking bright that my eyes hurt and it’s giving me a damn headache.

So, I sent an email to the person that sends the workguy out to let her know the problem. Got a response that she created a work order and to allow a 24 hour turnaround. 24 goddamn fucking hours to fix a problem they JUST caused that is putting me in physical pain. ARG!!!

I can relate: I had the same problem at my office job a few years ago while we were temporarily located. Staring at a computer screen for 10 hours a day, the less ambient light, the better. But this flourescent fixture was RIGHT over my head. My solution, since I couldn’t take the lightbulbs out without dismantling the grill that sat directly below them (and therefore being extremely conspicuous to the landlord’s many propety management flunkies), I figured out that if I twisted them just a wee bit, the circuit would break and the lights would go out, even though the tubes stayed fairly securely mounted. Problem solved, right?

Not exactly. This particular office building was crawling with repairmen all the time. More like a 24-minute turnaround. So this one guy with this HUGE box of flourescent tubes was on constant patrol for burned out lights and would replace them on the spot. I asked them to, you know, not replace the particular one over my head, but I was told it was in violation of the property’s code or something.

The funny thing is, the guy would replace the tubes every time, not realizing they weren’t broken. Since the property manager had ignored my pleas, I had no compunction about the money I was causing them to waste. Day in and day out, I’d twist the tubes, and day in and day out, he’d take them out and replace them with new ones. It only took him a month of this to deduce that maybe, just maybe, the tubes weren’t the problem. Unfortunately, this led him to the conclusion the whole fixture needed replacing.

The battle “raged” on for several more weeks until the property manager figured out what was really going on. I got an official warning, but since I didn’t work for the property management company, and since my company could swallow their company whole several times over, they couldn’t do shit about it. No matter what they did, it only took two seconds of work on my part when their back was turned to solve the problem from my perspective.

Oh happiness!!! The maintainance guy (who is rather cute) came and disconnected two of the bulbs. No more pain!!!

Couldn’t you just wear :cool: sunglasses?

You mean so the cute maintainance guy doesn’t know I’m checking him out? :smiley:

Actually, I thought about it, but it wouldn’t fly around here. At least the problem is fixed now. I can get through my work day without (extra) headaches.

I do love a happy ending. You know who else loves happy endings? MPSIMS.

Just so people don’t think I was swearing in the wrong place, make sure and take note that I did start this in the pit.

You are allowed to swear outside the fucking Pit, you know.