Stupid little TV questions that have annoyed you - but don't deserve their own thread

As the title says…

Here’s mine.

On “That 70’s Show” Eric’s superslutty sister Lori was orignally played by Lisa Robin Kelly. In the last season or two she was replaced by a much less trashy-looking girl.

Anyone know the real world reason for this?



Lisa Robin Kelly had substance abuse problems and was initially written out of the show in order to attend rehab. She was allowed to come back to the show on the provision that she remain clean & sober. She was brought back to the show, written into the ‘cliffhanger’ season ending (she married Fez so that he could remain in the States), but began ‘using’ again. She was fired for good, but the character couldn’t simply leave town again without resolving the marriage-for-convenience storyline, so the role was recast.

My question: Where was Buffy (and Dawn’s) father throughout the bulk of the series? He appears in a few first season episodes, is mentioned in a few second season episodes (he can’t make it to Sunnydale to celebrate Buffy’s birthday), but seems to just not exist in later seasons. It’s especially egregious in the fifth season when Joyce dies, and Buffy is left to care for Dawn herself (and faces serious financial worries that force her to work at a fast-food joint to survive). Was there any explanation as to why he didn’t come back to take care of his two underage kids as a (supposedly) responsible dad should have?

My question about Friends is not how they can affors those apartments, but how is it that they always get the couch at Central Perk?

What’s the significance of it taking three days for your dog to run away?
Ref: Corner Gas

Did her and Fez ever actually get a divorce or annulment? Or did she just leave him and he remained Red and Kitty’s son-in-law for the rest of the show?

Whatever happened to Richie Cunningham’s older brother. He goes upstairs one night, and never comes back down.


The first part of this is answered on the show multiple times with plots of entire episodes addressing it… how it manages to still come up I have no idea…

Monica’s apartment is still in the name of her Aunt… or maybe even great aunt. Its a rent controlled apartment.

Chandler is an upper management business man… He can swing the rent to their place without Joey chipping in. And does so a few time in the series when Joey isn’t working. Once Monica and Chandler move in together and Rachel moves across the hall Rachel is a successful business woman in the fashion industry. She can probably swing her side of the rent pretty easily.

How they always get the couch… I think one of them is always there and chases off anyone else who tries to sit.

It always bugged the hell out of me on Buffy that the high school was destroyed at the end of season 3… and a new one didn’t open up until season 7… Almost 4 years without a high school?

They’re all over 20 anyway… :smiley:

They just didn’t have a solid building for 4 years. The high school made do by parking a bunch of portable classrooms in the parking lot and on the basketball courts until they got the new school built. They also bussed a number of kids over to the next town to go to school.

As for Buffy and Dawn’s father, that was explained in Season Six’s Normal Again. :eek: :smiley:

IIRC, it was established that her father had gone out of the country and left no way to contact him. Buffy by that time was over 18 (she had graduated high school and had already had one year in college), so she was an adult. Barring other relatives to fight for her, it would seem logical that Dawn stay with Buffy.

I could see it taking four years to rebuild; students met elsewhere until then.

Poor Dawn… always forgotten…

It means that Saskatchewan is bloody flat.

ie - the dog runs away, it’ll take 3 days of running before you can’t see him any more.

Actually it was her grandmother. Almost every sitcom has characters living in dwellings the couldn’t afford or violate the laws of physics. On Mama’s Family Vint’s children, Buzz & Sonja from his first marriage vanished between the network and syndication episodes. The only time they’re even mentioned in in the 1sr syndicated episode when Thelma is upset they aren’t at Aunt Fran’s funeral. Vint even talks about how much he want’s to be a father when he and Naomi are trying to have a kid. Also the Harper house lost a bedroom over the course of the series.

I don’t remember how it was worked out in the end. I do remember an episode when Fez & Laurie #2 got loads of desirable wedding gifts, and Red was adamant that they return them. Laurie #2 hinted she might want to stay married to Fez just long enough for her to be able to legitimately lay claim to the gifts. But the actress playing Laurie #2 was terrible, and couldn’t deliver a single laugh, so she wasn’t kept much longer.

On the Facts of Life, Tootie and Natalie were around the same age, a couple of years younger than Blair and Jo. Yet, I swear there are episodes when all four of them are studying for the same tests or working on the same homework assignments, like they’re all classmates.

I recently mentioned this one in another thread. In the pilot episode of My Name Is Earl we were told that Darnell had just been kicked out of his parents’ house. In another episode where he and Joy got married, we saw his Mother and other family members attending the wedding. But then in the Y2K episode, we were told that his real name was Harry Monroe and he had been moved to Camden County as part of the Witness Protection Progam in late 1999.

I considered that, but for some reason thought it was more complicated.

Rachel was initially a spoiled rich girl who was trained to do nothing and so ended up as a waiter at Central Perk. Yet she manages to jump into a high end job in the very competitive NYC fashion industry in a year? Who was she sleeping with?

I believe she had a college degree in fashion, which isn’t very marketable outside of jobs in, uh, fashion. I believe she also had a rather extensive portfolio of her own designs.