Help me out, please: VERY end of '70s Show

Stupid VCR didn’t record the end credits of That '70s Show this evening. What scene did they run alongside the credits? They often have some tag scene, and since this was the season finale, they were bound to have something. Anyone?

[spoiler]They managed to do something I didn’t anticipate. I knew Eric was going to turn Donna down. I figured she’d run away. I even knew Bob would agree when she insisted she was still going to see Casey (though I still yelped: that guy’s delivery is priceless!). I hadn’t anticipated Kelso going along, though! Nimrod. What does he think they’re going to do for money? Whore himself, maybe? :wink:

I liked it, though. For the first time in a long time, I saw a teenager on TV realistically being blatantly self-destructive, and not in a way that’s set up to be fixed with a quick intervention. I’d thought the episode was going to focus on Donna’s apparent alcohol problem (there’ve been signs in other episodes), but they still didn’t pull any punches.[/spoiler]

On preview, I see that [Fez] “The winkie is visible.”[/Fez]

It showed Kelso and Donna driving…passing by some state (can’t remember…Iowa maybe?)…and Donna was asleep, and Kelso attempted to touch her boobs…and she woke up right at the moment, slapped his hand away…his excuse was he was trying to get the soda (on the dash…haha). Then he says “Man, (state I can’t remember) still smells!!” The end


Thank you!