Stupid OCD Shit I Do. (go on, list yours)

Ok, here’s one I do for no damned good reason. When I see words with a double l in them, such as, say, “seashell” I try to place my cursor so the little up and down line is centered between them. Now in most fonts, this isn’t actually possible. I’m always a tiny bit off center to the left, in which case there is a reddish tint to the remaining white space, or I’m a tiny bit off to the left, causing a cyan color to the remaining white space. I’ll sit there going between the two for an absurdly long time trying to find the sweet spot that won’t have that colored glow, even though I know that pixel-wise it’s impossible.

Ok so what retarded OCD thing do you do?

I have a magazine rack in my bathroom. Sitting on the throne, I’m looking at book and magazine covers. If I’m too sleepy to read (like, at 3AM), I’ll just sit and look at book and magazine covers, and the whole time, I’m making anagrams out of the words on the covers. :smack:

If I blink one eye for some reason (like if there’s some minor irritation in it or something), I have to blink the other one, getting as close to the same speed and pressure of the first blink as possible. I don’t feel right until I do this.

I have a double sink in my kitchen. When I’m setting dishes to soak, cups,glasses and silverware must go in the left side of the sink; plates, bowls, pots and pans go in the right side.

I don’t know that I’d classify myself as OCD, but I definitely am a little, uh, quirky. :wink:

I count the steps up to my front door every single damn time. I sometimes count going down also but not every time. :confused:

Let’s say I’m eating a burger and fries.

Take a bite of the burger, chew on the right side of my mouth. Take another bite of the burger, chew on the left side of my mouth.

Take a fry or two, chew on the right side of my mouth. Take another fry or two, which must be as close in size as possible to the first two I ate, chew on the left side of my mouth.

I must take 2 bites of the item in question before I eat a different item. The sequence MUST be complete before I move onto another type of food.

It gets real interesting when I have three items on the plate.

I try desperately not to step on cracks, even though I know my mother’s back will be just fine if I do.

I cannot let someone else load the dishwasher, because I am the only one that can do it perfectly.

if I have to get up at anything earlier than my usual wake-up time, I’ll set the alarm clock and then proceed to check it 18 or 20 times.

I don’t see any problem with it but my wife points out that when I eat I take even amounts of each food and in the same order.Conversely my brother will drive me crazy by eating each thing one at a time plus they may not touch on his plate.

We had a couple over for dinner one night and they were helping load the dishwasher. One of them resorts the entire silverware caddy so that all the same items are together: same sized spoons with same sized spoons, forks with forks, etc. She said she was really picky about the silverware being sorted and so we didn’t say anything, but after she left I went and mixed them all back up again because unlike her, I can’t have two of the same thing next to each other in the silverware part of the dishwasher because–dammit–they nest together and don’t get clean in between. I make a big effort to make sure that the spoons and forks are all facing different directions/paired up with different sizes/have knives between them/etc.

I’m only OCD when it comes to math and money. I never round up or down or “fudge the numbers”. I find I waste a lot of time doing this too. But my checkbook is always balanced.

I have a couple friends with OCD. I can’t stand to be around one of them, and the other is no problem at all.

What is different between them? The one I like has a sense of humor about his OCD, the other is totally humorless about it, and thinks people who are NOT like him are defective.

I count the number of times I swipe my deodorant in my pits. Seriously. What the hell is that about?

Who else washes their body in the same order, every single time?


Doesn’t everybody eat their M&Ms in groups of 3, with 2 the same color and one different?
(My mother has a visceral shudder every time she sees me do this)

One different color? No, no, no! You’re upsetting the balance of the universe! Pairs, and they must be the same color! And they must all be sorted by color, and then I eat enough of each that I have the same number of each color, then I go after them by pairs.

This goes for almost any candy that can be sorted by color or flavor.

I’m combining quarks and gluons via M&Ms!

What the heck IS that? My wife does exactly the same thing. And if I ever do take it upon myself to load it and she finds out, she makes a big production about taking things out and loading them back…the right way. And yeah, when I look, they’re in there pretty much the way I loaded them in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of quirks, but that one makes no sense to me. But you’ve given me hope that she’s not totally off her rocker. :slight_smile:

I’m like that with my boyfriend. He just does it wrong! Worst thing is, I can’t explain the right way to do it.

You’re wrong as well. You have to finish one color before moving on to the next.

No, no no. M&Ms and other candies that can be sorted by colour have to make pyramids. So 1, (except not 1, because it is solitary) 3, 6, 10, 15 are ok.

The left overs get sorted into a kind of freak pile and must again fall into a pyramid structure. If I have 2 blue ones, they can be the line of 2s or they can go blue yellow, blue, or something. Any that do not conform get summarily eaten.

I am not this rigid in anything else in my life. Just coloured candies.
Whiterabbit would not irk me because, although her way is not my way, there is clearly order to her M&M universe.

All else is chaos.

Three out of five days a week I get out of my car and go back into the house to make sure I set the alarm.

Oh, it does no good to make a mental note as I set the alarm upon exiting…maybe I just thought I set it…

16 years my wife and I have been together - and I still haven’t cracked the Whirlpool Enigma code. Seriously, it’s gotten to the point where I’ll only put the dishes in the washer when I know I have a full load, so I can start the damn thing before she can object.

And I swear to Og it’s a moving target - every time she tells me how to load the top rack (where she gets the pickiest) I take mental notes. I do it that way next time, but wait - nope, I didn’t put the kids’ cups two pegs from the coffee cups, and the milk glasses are on the wrong side, and I didn’t dance in a circle widdershins in the light of a full moon and sacrifice a fucking goat with my left hand dammit, not the right! (Deep breath.) At least she lets me do the laundry. :rolleyes:

Holy crap - WTF is up with this?!? I thought I was the only one. Seriously - even if I’m in the biggest hurry, if I realize that I swiped twice in the left and thrice in the right, I’ll very carefully swipe once more to even out the BO juice equilibrium (as my kids call it) before I can get dressed.

I also have a very odd OCD thing - when I’m giving a web demo (which I used to do frequently for work, not so much anymore), I apparently move my mouse cursor in little crescent-shaped movements while I’m talking. So if I’m on a screen where I’m not moving my mouse, and I’m describing something for several minutes, or doing Q&A, I’ll be making little C-shaped movements.

I never realized this until an old boss pointed it out one day, in the little private comments section of Live Meeting - I’m chatting away about some aspect or another of the training I was giving, and I see the message pop up “Stop moving your mouse.” I didn’t know what he meant, because I honestly didn’t realize I was doing it. Finally he texted to my phone “STOP MOVING YOUR DAMNED MOUSE, YOU’RE SCARING THE NATIVES” - apparently he was in a room with about 15 people, and a couple of them were wondering aloud if my cursor was moving because of some problem with Live Meeting, or if my mouse was going out, or what.

Once he pointed it out, I became very conscious of it, but will still sometimes catch myself doing the same damn thing. Very OCD.
And for the record, the best way to eat M&Ms is by the multi-colored handful.