Stupid people that should be put across the knees and spanked with the broom handle

For no particular reason other than I think they’re goddamn fucking stupid and I have nothing much better to do, do I with this pit:

  1. The deaf lesbian couple who deliberately sought out and choose to make their child deaf. “A hearing baby would be a blessing. A deaf baby would be a special blessing”

smack smack Dumb bitches! smack smack

  1. Andy Bell, of the duo making up the English pop band Eurasia, for wanting to be infected with HIV, even if he didn’t mean it. “You are going to think this strange, but I wanted to be HIV positive. I thought HIV was a touchstone of being gay”

smack smack bad boy! Behave! smack smack

  1. Elton John for every year spending on trivialities an amount the size of the GDP of an average African nation, including in less than two years £100,000 on flowers – and at the same time pretending to combat poverty and bitching about everybody else being too materialistic. “Well, I like flowers.”

bitchslap * bitchslap* Self obsessed little shit! Sir, my ass! * bitchslap* bitchslap

Erasure, not Eurasia. And do you have a cite for Bell’s quote? Not that I necessarily doubt your word, but I hadn’t heard that aspect of it before this OP.

No disagreement on (1) - can’t they have a hearing baby which they just be quiet around? Touchy issue, but one surely wouldn’t wish your baby to have no legs or the like? Gentle correction with broom handle administered, and the footage displayed on

(2) sounds like he is saying “Wasn’t I silly and naive for thinking that? Still, that’s how I saw it when I was young and gay in a world of prejudice.” And he might enjoy the spanking. Broom handle denied.

(3) Tsk, Rune old chap. You’d usually be the first to remind me of how he’s still sloshing the money around efficiently, paying the florist’s income tax and the like, rather than keeping it cooped up in an offshore bank where it does less good (but still not no good, of course). And he would defnitely enjoy the broom handle. Denied.

First on google: BELL WANTED TO BE HIV POSITIVE - I think he later retracted some. But he’s still an idiot.

  1. The couple on Danish TV, who insisted on involving their pale and sickly looking 10yo son in their sado/masochist but oh so fucking boring suburban sexlife, and had him speak on it on national TV and even had him write a school essay on it. “Well when he sees mom strapping to a cross in the living room, he’s gonna think something is up anyway”

bang bang Do what the fuck you want, who gives a shit anyway but keep your goddamn son out of it! bang bang

What the Hell does this mean? If you mean they intended to either adopt or give birth to a hearing baby, and then destroy its eardrums, then surely that would be illegal? And if you mean that they intend to adopt a deaf baby, what’s wrong with that? Is there a news story connected to this, or did you just hear about it on the elevator?

I don’t get #1 either. If they’re just looking to adopt a deaf baby, no, that’s not stupid, it removes a baby from the system that others may not have wanted and they’re probably better-equipped to deal with raising it, being deaf themselves.

Why don’t you take the exact phrase I quoted to google? - Couple ‘choose’ to have deaf baby - They deliberately choose a sperm donor which had a history of deafness and already had produced one deaf child for them.

  1. Stupid idiots who refuse to google.

smack smack Google is not an evil neo-con cable that will switch your brain with cabbage and enslave your daughters in their sex harem! smack smack
(Yeah ok. So perhaps I could have provided the link. But it’s your fault, because I’m flawless per definition. But I’m feeling merciful so you get off with a stiff reprimand. Bad boy! Naughty boy! And don’t let it happen again!)

Elton John can spend as much as he wants on flowers flown in from Tahiti and designer clothes made of African ostrich feathers and Mali hymens or have shoe collections that would make Emalda Marcos bow down in awe. But at least could he then shut the fuck up about the rest of us being too materialistic and stop pretending to be a great soldier in the battle on poverty.

But does it at least have the potential to enslave somebody’s else daughters in my sex harem? Otherwise I don’t really see the point of Google.

I love it when you talk dirty.

a) It’s Imelda Marcos.

b) Elton John seems to be spending his “spare cash” on the materialistic stuff while at the same time donating quite the boatload of money to certain charities. FWIU, he’s been complaining about people who spend all their cash on materialistic stuff.

People who post vaguely worded rants without links.

(three stooges slap)

Your little parasitic rantish seems a bit vague. Do you have a link?

ps. my post is my link

No cite, but there was/is a fair amount of this mentality in the gay community.

I remember when the deaf lesbian couple made the news-I think there was a Pit thread about it.

I would like to add the current fad of carrying around tiny little toy dogs like purses. Dogs are NOT toys, they’re not a new cute accessory. Buy a new scarf.

Tell that to Mary Staurt.

If they had been a straight couple capable of having their own bio-baby, that baby would likely have been deaf. Obviously, any child their donor had was likely to have been deaf. It is your opinion that deaf people should not have babies? If not, please show how your opinion is functionally different.

Read it again. It’s not that they chose to have a child, or that their child had a good chance of being deaf. It’s their attitude that they deliberately sought out a hearing impaired father, and that they wished for their child to be deaf. Not out of, “Well, considering our genes, it’s likely our child will being hearing impaired as well, but that’s all right, we’ll still love him or her.”

No, it’s that they actually did all they could to INCREASE the chances of their child being born disabled. That’s just disgusting.

Posted by Rune:

Interesting; now your OP makes some sort of sense. By the way, go fuck yourself. Your initial complaint was ambiguously worded, and you provided no further explanation or link to information. When one starts a thread to complain about something that’s in the news, one should provide a link, rather than expecting, potentially, every other member of the SDMB to do a google search to see what the hell one is talking about. Failing to do this might indicate that one is a putz.

I read it very carefully, but thanks for deigning to make sure I knew to do so.

I still do not see the difference of deliberately having a child you know will probably be deaf and…deliberately having a child you know will probably be deaf. It’s only okay to have a deaf baby if you’re sad about it? Is it okay to BE deaf and be cool with it, or should they cover their heads with sacks with frowny faces painted on and go around wailing and moaning in order to avoid disgusting you?

I think he’s talking about this.

well, my link is my post, so there.