Stupid People's decisions at work

My first pit rant and rave, so bear with me.

I work for a rather large cellular phone company, I do the internal helpdesk support for our computers and systems. It is a good job, it pays well, but I tell you what the decisions of some people leave me dumbfounded. We have a system that allows our retail stores to do activations, it is a good efficient web based system that is fairly easy to use. But in the past day or two the “developers” that we have working in this place have done everything to screw it up. I swear this thing goes down quicker and more frequently than Monica Lewinski. It is uttterly unbelievable how these people come up with “fixes” which actually equal knee jerk reactions for minor inconveniences that totally screw up the systems. I don’t get it, granted I work the at the sea floor level of our IT dept but damn guys help us out here. These changes are barely thought out, almost never tested properly and end up causing chaos. Then there is always the big people in a company asking how to save money, here is an idea, ready for it. Have reliable systems. If there were reliable systems and people that support it, life would be grand. Oh well whatcha gonna do, oh I know take some more calls and try to please everyone.

But then that is this week, next week it will be a different screwed system of the week and the vicious cycle will start all over. At least it is job security. But if I ran the place heads would roll for situations like this. All that happens is that it will some how get band-aided up and there will be no formal documentation of what was done. So the next time a problem pops up with the system of the week there will be no clue of exactly what was done in the past, just generalities. But that is how people keep their jobs I guess, they just shove it under the rug and leave the problem as an abnormality, which in reality was a clusterfuck from the begining.

I am done and thanks for reading. Please share any similar situations and how you deal with them.

And people wonder why I drink. :smack: