Stupid question - How to PM with this new set up

I need to send private information to another member. I clicked on their name and them “Message”. I think that worked but I can’t find PMs on my dashboard.

You can click on your avatar in the upper right and then click on the envelope icon, or if you want to interact better with all messages, click the person icon and then choose Summary instead. There you’ll see a Messages option to click on.

And fyi, private messages basically work like a private thread you’re following.

Is there any place under that “summary” tab where I can see my official record of warnings, infractions, etc?

As far as I am aware, there’s no Discourse equivalent of the Infractions tab that we had under vBulletin.

However, you will always receive a PM under Discourse when you receive a warning, so you can look under your private messages to see your record.

All of the older warnings from vBulletin are archived, but only moderators and admins can access that archive. If you really want a list, send me a PM.

I’ve checked further into this, and found that the “expired” status of vBulletin infractions was meaningless and ignored, no warnings have expired, and you can (and will) be suspended for 30 days even if you have not received a warning in the past three years.