Stupid, stupid bitch with no care for the kid in your car.

I’m stopped at a light, looking around and I see this four-ish kid with a goofy look on his face hanging out the front passenger window. ‘What a weird kid’ I think. I turn my head back, and then think, waitafrigginminute… look back, sure enough this kid isn’t in his seatbelt, doesn’t have a safety seat, is in the front seat, and hanging halfway out the window! He’s a goner if they crash is a gross understatement! The driver, even when she starts driving, not only doesn’t drag the kid back into the car and put up the window, she seems oblivious! Stupid fucking bitch. I contemplated calling the non-emergency line, and then went, duh, why wouldn’t I, this bitch doesn’t have any concern for her kid! My boyfriend got on his cellphone (because I didn’t want to stop following her), tried to get the non emergency number, couldn’t find it, so called 911, explained it wasn’t an emergency, and the operator told him to go ahead anyway. We reported it, and I don’t know if anything is going to come out of it, but I sure hope so. What I really wanted to do was follow her and slap the shit out of her for her disregard for this kid’s safety.

Naw, Lynne.

It’s never the parents’ fault.

It’s the teachers’ fault.

And TV.

And maybe Janet Jackson’s.

You’d think people would have gotten the message by now, but in spite of all the foofora we hear about how important and precious the children are, about every six months or so, I see a baby/toddler left alone in a car. Well, the doors are locked, and the parent is just running in, so it must be okay, right?

You know what really bugs me about this? The people doing it almost always get away with it, so they figure it isn’t a big deal. They know Calgary is a fairly safe place, and they come back in time before the police can get there if called. Never mind that a baby can die or be kidnapped in a minute. They know that they probably won’t be in an accident that is going to shoot their four year old out of the car like a javelin.

Why do people keep taking chances like this? Why can’t they understand that the stakes are way too high to gamble on your child not being hurt or kidnapped?

We just had an incident here:

Late January, woman gets in car accident with 3 small children in the car, none of whom are in car seats. One is thrown out of the car, but none are seriously injured. Local organization gives her three brand spanking new car seats before she leaves the hospital (she is picked up by a friend).

Two weeks ago, she once again gets in an accident. This time she has two of the same kids, plus a 6-month old infant (also hers). A 17-yo girl is holding the infant in her lap in the front seat, and he is launched into the windshield, resulting in severe head injuries. The car seats are nowhere to be seen. When asked about them, the woman says that the authorities should have installed them for her.

She should serve a long term in jail, not only for child endangerment, but also for attempted manslaughter or something. I pit you, awful uncaring mother of innocent children who deserve better.

Wow, and I thought this woman was bad. That woman should serve some serious jailtime! How can you have kids and then not care about them? Children are not a requirement of adulthood… don’t treat them like it.

I heard a while ago that Las Vegas (where I live) has a hotline number people can call when they see cars that do not have children properly restrained. You can also call the non emergengy police (311 here) but they put you on hold. I just get the cars info (make/model/plate). I don’t have kids, but I find it ridiculous that people would take the risk of not putting the kid in a carseat/seatbelt.

Here in Vegas, with the summer heat coming, there will be the typical rash of people leaving their kids in hot cars and when the kids croak from heat exhaution and such their lame excuses "I forgot he was in there :eek: … I must have forgotten to take him to the daycare :eek: … I took the groceries and got distracted and forgot :eek: " blah blah blah. Ok I can see forgetting your briefcase/lunch/smokes/that unopened can of soda in the car **BUT YOUR BABY ** or toddler!!! give me a fucking break. Those people need to be beaten with a stick and yet they are sent to parenting classes (if the kid lives) or some other lame BS slap on the hand.

#1) Don’t even get me started on people leaving their pets in cars.

#2) When I was working at the Montreal Casino, at the end of my shift where we took a shuttle bus to get to the employee parking lot … The cops were there and an ambulance. Ambulances were no biggy. People often had heart attacks at the tables. But cops?

What do I see a cop bringing to the ambulance? A baby seat. With a baby in it. Our shuttle bus wasn’t there yet, so a few of us went to go see what happened to the kid. Crying. Scared shitless. But looked fine. Long story short, they rolled the cameras back from the parking lot. The parents had gotten there at 10am. It was 7:30pm. The parents were still losing in the VIP section, at a BlackJack table. Nice. :rolleyes:

#3) Sometimes, after a vet apointment, I stop by to get gas. When I go in, to pay, I bring the cat cage in with me. Once, a lady in line said to me (quite loudly), “I don’t think you’re allowed bringing pets in here.” To which I replied, “I don’t give a flying fuck if I’m allowed or not. I’m here to pay for my gas and leave. This is my most precious cargo. Just as you wouldn’t think of leaving your purse in the car while you pay, I’m not leaving my cat in the car. If my car gets stolen while I’m in here, I won’t give a shit if I’m holding the cage.” She scoffed at me like I was some kind of peasant. Whatever.

When I finally got to the cash, the girl said, “Too bad people don’t do the same with their babies as you do with your cats.” :frowning:
Yeah … too bad.

Because it’s just so hard to install a car seat. :mad:

Well, in fairness to the mother, it is her kid. I doubt children’s services will take the child away for a no-seatbelt infraction.

I admit to having left my cat in the car, for up to 20 minutes or so. We live 800+km from our parents places, and when we go home, we occasionally need to stop for food and bathroom breaks. We crack the window a bit (even in the winter) and go in. I have considered bringing the cage into the rest stops, but the crowded places on the 401 are probably more truamatizing for the cat than staying in the car. We get food, and then always return to the car to eat - we don’t linger inside. I am nervous in crowds, and so I insist that my SO accompany me, though I sometimes think I should stay in the car while he goes in, and vice versa. It’s hard to balance my own fears with worries over the cat sometimes.

It’s a bit of a tough decision, but we haven’t had any problems yet at all. I do keep an eye out the window at the car at all times, when I can.

Maybe I need to rethink how we manage this (and get over certain fears). One thing for sure, though, that cat’s safety is always in the front of my mind.

I would never consider leaving a child behind, or not using a car seat, or anything else mentionned in this thread.

Sorry for the hijack.

Yeah, in fairness to the mother, she should be allowed to break any and all laws regarding her own kid. Child endangerment is no big deal. :rolleyes:

I leave my dog in the car all the time. “Niki” loves to come with me and ride. While waiting she either sleeps or sits in front of steering wheel watching events.

Only real concern I have is temp. If it is going to be too hot to leave her in the car, well, she gets left at home. (And yeah, I know about how hot the inside of a car can get - that is why she stays home at times)

Not to break into a perfectly good and justified rant, but just how vital is it that kids preschool age (and I’m thinking 4 or 5 here) be in some sort of “big kid” car seat? I ask because when I was a kid that age, back in say 86-88 (roughly), I never ever remember seeing one and I know I never sat in one. Of course, Mom was driving some sort of Pontiac and this was before manufacturers (except for my 1980 Volvo, which I got a decade after this) went to shoulder belts in the back seat, so we’d buckle into the back seat with the lap belts and if for some reason a kid had to sit in the front seat, there was some sort of clip adapter thing that would basically turn the shoulder belt into a lap belt. I ask, because I swear that I remember the laws now saying that kids up to the age of 6ish or some weight must be in some sort of car seat. Has there been such a change in design or something that a lap belt is no longer enough for a child at that age?

It’s more a case of new laws being enacted, here in the US at least, than any change in seatbelt design. Keep in mind that not too terribly long ago, seatbelts themselves weren’t required by law, for children or adults.

See here, here or here for various laws on child safety seats.

[sub]You can pretty much just stick “child safety seat laws” into Google and read for a couple days.[/sub]

Basically, any child under a certain weight, age or both, must use a booster seat of some kind while travelling in a car, by law. The specifics vary from state to state, but not a by a whole lot, near as I can tell. And children under the age of twelve shouldn’t be in the front seat at any time, if the car’s equipped with dashboard airbags, regardless of safety seats or seatbelts.

All I can say is I SO agree. These people are complete morons. My sister and I always noticed a lot of that in Missouri, (ozarks) where my dad retired. We’d go into Springfield or Kansas City to go shopping, and would see a huge number of minivans with passels of kids rolling around in the back, completely unemcombered by seatbelts, or any type of safety restraint.

Several years ago, when we visited, my dad’s wife’s grown children would never seatbelt their kids in, and would get insulted at my sister and I insisting that my children (then 15 and 3 to my stepsibling’s kids’ 3 and 5) be seatbelted in or we wouldn’t travel anywhere by car.

Their opinion (and apparently one shared by many in that area) was that “well, it’s the Lord’s Will” if anything should happen. These morons (my dad married their mom YEARS after my sister, the stepsiblings, and I were all well into adulthood) actually told their 5 year old son that “those people are crazy” (and got him to say it out loud TO us for emphasis) because of our firm belief in safety belts for children.

Idiots, God gave you a brain and allegedly some common sense, for a REASON.

On a final note, my sister visited recently (the stepnephews are now teen and preteen), and my backwoods hickish stepbrother and his bitchy queen of her double wide wife are now pro seat belts and act as if it was THEIR idea all along. :rolleyes:

Oh well, at least ONE set of kids will be safe from becoming projectiles.

This kind of thread tears at my soul!
ARGGGH!! WTF is WRONG with people??? I would NEVER drive with my daughter NOT securely strapped into her carseat! I would never “just run in for a second” and leave my child in the car! There is NOTHING, NO-FUCKIN’-THING in any friggin’ store worth risking my child’s life for, no errand I would place above the safety of my angel! Don’t these asshat morons get it?? Becoming a parent isn’t a right, it’s a privilege! I pit everyone of these fuck-ups (caught such as this or not) into the deepest and hottest pits of Hell (and worse) for not doing their duty towards their children. There’s no love as shown by these examples and it makes me sick to think of people doing these things when they should know better. I truly pray for these kids. I am fuckin’ sick to my stomach.

We just got home from Safeway, and what did we see in the parking lot there? That’s right - two young kids left alone in the car! But you know, the parent did park in the handicapped space right in front of the store so that she could get to the kids quicker when she was finished running in. (I need a huuuuuuge rolleyes smiley here.)

Hey! I NEED that handicap space! Stupid bitch.

Yeah, that’s kind of what I figured, whiterabbit. Being a terrible parent doesn’t actually qualify as a handicap.

just a question, how old must one be before it is ok to stay in the car? i mean, i understand the fear that the car might be stolen with the kid inside.

it seems to me that a car theif would choose a car without a screaming child in it. unless the child was what the theif wanted in the first place.

then you have to worry about any time you are not holding your child, someone else could conceivably take the child.

i’m jsut wondering. i think around 6 the child can stay in the car and listen to aerosmith/play gameboy/eat candy/sleep/whatever while parent goes inside to pay for gas. i think gas stations are held up more often than cars with children inside are stolen, so it may even be safer…

or i could be completely wrong. just IMHO.