Stupid Stupid High School Principles

Well, I just saw this and I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Laugh, because it is like something out of a bad 80’s brat pack movie, or cry because people like these are in charge of educating :rolleyes: our youth. I didn’t feel like asking some GQ or GD about civil rights, or lawsuits, just wanted to nominate this as the stupidest thing a high school principle could do. Can you beat it? How does stuff like this happen? Thanks for listening.

High school principles would be the ideas, morals, etc used in running the school.
High school principals are people.

Just so you know.

What the hell does it matter what underwear people are wearing?!

The only reason I could even imagine this would be an issue is if the girls as going to do some pretty athletic dancing where the skirts may fly up.

IIRC teachers aren’t even allowed to <i>touch</i> their students, let alone checkout their undies.

It’s being discussed in the BBQ pit, I believe, if you’d like to join in there.

Yeah yeah yeah… I know. Thanks. Doing to (er, too) many things at once. Relac. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll check it out. Where *do * they find these people?

Since there is already a discussion going on this subject in the BBQ Pit, I"m going to lock this off.