Stupid stupid Twilight question (unboxed spoiler)

Because any question about Twilight is stupid because Twilight is stupid but if I were still 16 it would rock my world. As it is it’s fun background entertanment.

Having apologized for my taste in mindless amusement, this is my stupid question about a stupid movie:

Can anyone explain why Jacob finds the idea of Bella marrying Edward so completely intolerable AFTER he’s already been dealing with the idea of Bella being turned into a vampire??? Pardon me, marriage is completely meaningless and undoable. Being turned into a vampire is pretty permanent. What’s the explanation for that, if any? Is it just random stupid?

By the way I read a great breakdown of why Twilight is so popular that makes perfect sense: Bella is a big zero, absolutely nothing to distinguish her in any way (this was about the books) while Edward is lavished with all kinds of fascinating aspects.

Bella is a cipher, which allows any girl who reads it to BE Bella.

Also…what’s with the frozen vampires? I understand that they can’t regulate body heat and are therefore subject to the cold, but how come Edward isn’t all tinkly smashy?

Maybe vampire venom is like antifreeze? Or maybe vampires are cooler than normal body temperature, but not below freezing?

Either way, the vampires of the series are superhumanly tough. If they did freeze, it would not make them fragile, just rigid.

No, they break in the third movie in the snow during fights, like ice.

Before I say anything, let me say I did not read the entire series, and am only going by memory. But I figure I may have the best shot of answering the question, since I actually have read some of it.

That’s why you shouldn’t go by the movie. In the book, vampires are just cold in the sense that they feel like corpses. Or maybe not even that much: Bella describes Edward as feeling cold and clammy.

Oh, and Marriage is permanent in Mormon theology. The entire book is seeping in that theology. Edward’s wanting Bella: Mormon sans masturbation. His inhuman ability to resist: what all Mormons are required to do. Becoming shiny: how glorified Mormons are supposed to appear.

I’m not saying it was an allegory, or even necessarily intentional. But Meyers took a lot of her theology into her book. It doesn’t surprise me that, with both of the perfect men, marriage was thought to be eternal.

Plus, do you ever see Bella divorcing Edward, when she’ll be stuck at the same age both physically and emotionally?

That’s as may be, Big T, but it doesn’t really address why Jacob is more freaked about them getting married than just about Bella becoming a revenant.

My take is that as long as Bella’s plans include being turned, but without any discussion of marrying Edward (and the turning not having taken place), Jacob can still fantasize about possibly getting her to change her mind. In Jacob’s mind, marriage takes that possibility off the table.