Stupid TV game show contestants

Nothing in life annoys me more when a WoF contestant gets one letter and then immediately starts buying vowels. Or picks an “I” and a “G” in the final puzzle when the category is “What are you doing?”

Speaking of the Dawson era, there is a clip on Youtube where the question is “name a fruit you eat with the skin on”. The woman answers banana, and Dawson goes offstage and gets a banana and makes the woman take a bite with the skin on. To be fair, he also takes a bite himself.

The infamous “Turkey. Turkey. Turkey!” from the UK version of the Feud:

I had never heard of this, but that is quite the story.

Why is this a problem?

I agree that it’s a perfectly valid strategy. The best way to win on Wheel is to get a letter right on your first spin, and never give up the wheel again. Just keep spinning & guessing correctly until you know the answer and have a reasonable amount of cash. And guessing vowels is an excellent way to figure out consonants.

Now I’m waiting for someone to complain about “Contestants who know what the puzzle is but keep spinning!” as if the object of the game is to solve the puzzles, not to win as much money as possible.

This is Billy Eichner’s whole schtick on Billy on the Street. In the below cringey and hilarious clip a poor woman absolutely freezes when asked to, “name a woman.”

Agreed. However, I have seen one blunder that WoF contestants make. If you spin the wheel and it stops on $1,000, and you call out a letter, you get $1,000 for each time that letter appears in the puzzle. If you know that answer, play accordingly. If you get a low number on your spin, guess a letter that only appears once; get a high spin and guess a letter that’s in the puzzle multiple times.

I’ve even see a case where there were 2 'B’s and 1 ‘W’ (for example), the player spins, calls out “W”, then solves the puzzle. It’s like leaving money on the table.

Oh yeah, 100% agree. I’m not claiming that Wheel contestants are Rhodes scholars or anything, but yes, many of them do a terrible job strategizing their guesses vs the spin.

Except that there are “lose a turn” and “bankrupt” slots on that wheel.

I read/heard somewhere that on Wheel, they encourage the vowel buying. The cost of a vowel is fairly minimal and having it up there stops contestants from doing silly things like on/an/in mistakes where they come up with the wrong answer because they have misheard the phrase in the past or get too excited and say something stupid. With all the vowels, they can just read the answer.

Sure, there’s a risk, but you’re always playing with house money on Wheel. If you’ve got $750 and know the answer, you’re probably better off spinning. If you’ve got $7500, then yes, you’re risking a lot more.

Because you should be able to get a few common letters correct before buying vowels. I’ve seen too many people, get their first letter, buy a bunch of vowels, and then hit a lose a turn/bankrupt. You’ve essentially bought a bunch of clues for the other contestants, lowering your chance of getting it back to you, and maximizing their winnings since they don’t have to buy vowels.

Ok, that’s another strategy. But I don’t think the “buy E A I then guess some more” is a bad strategy, certainly not the most annoying thing in someone’s life. Since once you lose the wheel you’re unlikely to get it back anyway, regardless of how many letters are up.

I saw a short vid of a woman, who on the final puzzle, where you only have a few seconds to make a guess, would call out Z and X and Q. She let the other two guys fill in the puzzle, then she nails it for the win.

That’s a weird way to play. You can’t guess the puzzle unless you get a letter right, so she was counting on another player getting a letter which revealed the puzzle to her, but not to the other player.

“This is your Boing Airlines pilot. We’ll be flying from Tampa to Los Angeles today, with one hundred eighty five stops along the way…”

In my “I really am not a conspiracy nut really” opinion, when I used to watch the game and it became obvious the contestant knew the answer but was trying to run up their winnings, the wheel ALWAYS landed on bankrupt.

And buying vowels is, to borrow from another thread, like talking to the police. It isn’t necessary, can hurt you sometimes, but gains favor from TPTB and keeps them from fucking you up.

My WoF conspiracy theory is that back in the day when you had to buy from the “studio filled with glamorous prizes”, it was mathematically impossible not to buy the ceramic Dalmatian

I assume they meant “Boeing”. And there was a Boeing Air Transport company for a while, but it primarily carried mail. It merged with several other carriers to become the precursor of United Airlines.