Stupidest invention I've seen today

The Wolf Designs Advanced Watch Rotator.

You know – for the man with an expensive kinetic watch who just can’t bear to let the thing sit still.

I kinda want one just so I can see the expression of people’s faces as I explain what it is and what it does. :smiley:

And it’s ugly, too.

Don’t click on this link or you will think the world gone mad.

You can get them for less at Sears.

For the man that has everything, including a collection of self-winding watches, there are more expensive ways to keep those watches wound. Much, much more expensive…

What next? A rifle made of chocolate?

I have a watch winder. I’d look pretty silly wearing four watches at a time, so I wear one and keep three on the winder. It’s not because I can’t bear to let them sit still. It’s that keeping them running is good for them. It keeps the lubricants moving.

A mains-powered emergency generator

A fan-driven wind turbine

An artificially-illuminated solar array

I’ve seen a picture of one of those. A farm of solar panels circling a very very bright light on top of a tower.

I’d wear them all. Look silly!

DVD rewinder.

Someday I’d like to have enough money that I’d need to buy something to display and wind forty watches at the same time.

Not that I’d ever actually buy forty watches that I need to keep wound. But it sure would be nice to have that kind of money to spend frivolously.


I’ve seen a farm of mirrors encircling a tower, reflecting natural light at it to heat it up (and in so doing, making it appear bright), but there would be no point at all in constructing the thing you describe.

Mangetout is correct. The panels are not solar, they’re mirrors. And the tower is not the source of light, it’s where the sun’s rays are reflected to, collecting solar energy.

For us watch collectors, it’s not so frivolous. :wink: The watchwinders become essential for people who don’t wear the same watch every day. Some of my watches have several complications, such as day, date, month that are a pain in the ass to reset each time I get ready to wear them. The watchwinder keeps them ready to wear.

Oh, I understand why someone who collects watches that need to be kept running would need a watchwinder. And I certainly didn’t mean to imply that collecting watches is frivolous. Or at least no more than me collecting books, which is what I would spend that kind of money on. :wink:

Well… opinions differ.

I have a couple of nice automatic Swiss watches and wouldn’t mind a winder to keep them going. It’s not about laziness at all; it’s just more healthy for the movement if it’s running all the time, as others have already stated.

Consider that a regular 3-year overhaul on a nice Swiss watch costs around $500, then you can see why you would want to care for them in the best way possible.

Stupidest? In your opinion.

This particular model may be silly, but the concept addresses a true need. The quality winders work on a schedule and rotate quite slowly; the cheap ones just run forever at a 1RPM rate or some such, and aren’t very good for the movements.

Frivolous? Don’t know. I drive cheap beater cars and wear nice Swiss watches. It’s just what I like. YMMV.

Well, yeah, this does make perfect sense. For me, I was just wondering why I’d spend $350 to wind the $50 battery operated digital Casio I own that I wear 24/7 except in the shower :wink:

I didn’t say the tower was the source. I just said “very very bright light on top of a tower.”

I picked up a couple of these at an estate sale about a year ago for a few bucks each. I listed them at $10 each. Each sold for well over $100. Yes, there is a market for them.