Style guide for blog tags and hash tags

Is there a formal or informal style guide, rule of thumb, or SOP out there that is either commonly used or you recommend in terms of best practices for tags?

Occasionally I find myself thinking way too hard about this when I’d rather it be fairly routine. Some examples:

  1. Pluralizing - do I tag it turtle or turtles? Or both? Or specific to whether the post is specifically about one turtle, several, or turtles in general?

  2. Nested categories - do I tag it turtles for consistency, terrapins for technicality, tortoise or box turtle for specificity?

  3. Cross platform - Some use alloneword, some have spaces, some-use-dashes. Should I make an attempt to consolidate these somehow?

  4. Ego - should I include a tag for my own name or handle if I’m the author, or just if it’s about me?

  5. CrazyCaps - if the tag is alloneword do I have to use capitals so AllOneWord is easier to read or not because it looks dumb?

Etc. You get the idea. I spend too much time thinking about this. Does anyone follow any kind of guidelines or just wing it?

  1. I don’t know anything about the Twitters. But is there a “stop hashtag”? E.g. on Wikipedia and others, links are formed by []. So [[turtle]] would display and go to “turtle,” while [[turtle]]s would display “turtles” and go directly to singular “turtle”. Blog software might handle this better than Twitter.

  2. Again, I don’t know a lot, but isn’t the author obvious? If people are not visiting your page, they are unlikely to search for you.

  3. is called CamelCase. Because it has humps, you see. Sometimes the first letter is optional, so AllOneWord or allOneWord would work.

Moved CS --> IMHO, since this is more about SEO than content.