Style that would be most difficult to associate with a specific time?

What “look” would be the hardest to associate with a particular era? This will probably be easier to figure out for a male than a woman, since women’s fashions seem to be more dynamic.

Suits for men haven’t changed all that much, though I guess different materials have been used, and different widths of ties and lapels, but overall, they don’t seem to have changed too much.

Eye glasses and hair seem to be easy give-aways as well. For some reason people in the 80’s had really BIG eye glasses (what was the deal with that?), and in the 50’s (?) you could get an idea on the quality of a person’s sight by looking at the thickness of the lenses (“Coke bottles”). Hair seems to change a lot too.

If I wanted to go with a look that, when seen in a picture 10, 20, 30+ years from now, it would be hard to determine what decade the picture was taken what would that look be? Are there any styles that have withstood the test of time?

Blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt would be hard to place in a particular decade from the 50s on up.

I just happened to be thinking about this during the beautiful, mesmerizing, and mystical Olympic opening ceremony. The hybrid tunics/costumes that the women actors wore in the ending human constellation and “birth of mankind” segment seemed to be very modern while still reflecting an ancient composite. It was difficult to date the style and seemed like something a person could just have easily worn 3000 years ago or present day.
I’m trying to find a picture…

That’s what I was thinking. What kind of shoes though? White tennis shoes? Work boots? What about hair? I was thinking a buzz cut would be hard to place.

A buzzcut is too reminiscent of the Fifties, in my opinion. It would be better to just go with some sort of minimally styled medium length hair that’s just brushed up off the face and ears.

And nondescript black boots like you would wear if you working in a fast food restaurant would probably be best for shoes…

My cousin is 28 and has been wearing his jeans “saggy” since he was a teen, I was in elementary with teachers making me pull my pants up now im in High School, apparently that has been the style ever since I came on the planet.
My teacher said she has been making kids pull their pants up since she first started working at my school way back in 1990 and now 14 years later she is still dealing with the same thing.
As much as some people hate it, the style will probably be around for another 10 years or more. So if I saw a photo with kids wearing oversized jeans I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was from 2004 or 1990.