Stylus for my Mac

Hey there, I’ve just gotten a G4 (second hand) and am still getting it all together.

I really want a stylus but I don’t trust the packaging anymore when in says it’s Mac compatible.

Anyone out there with a recommendation for me?

I was hoping to switch out the DVD player for a CD burner but I’m having compatibility issues with the one I purchased, though I was assured it was correct. Very annoying.

So before I purchase a stylus I thought I’d ask around a bit.

I’m running OS 9.0 (I don’t want to use 10 because I’ve been told it conflicts with Adobe PhotoDeluxe with I find essential).

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

I’m all ears (though not very computer savy).

Stylus, as in graphics tablet? I’ve always used Wacom tablets and styli, with no problems, on my Mac. The last one I bought was the Intuos, which is a rinky-dink 4x5 pad and stylus, but packed perfectly into my laptop case and was dirt cheap.

Any Wacom should be fine. They’ve been making Mac drawing tablets since the old OS 7 days.

Seconding the Wacom recommendation.

They originated the graphics tablet for the Macintosh, back when only Macs would accommodate graphics tablets for general applications.

Thanks for the quick response, I’ll definitely shop for a Wacom.

I’m just setting this beauty up now and am experiencing problems because this machine was not bundled with software for the home user.

I’ve managed to track down Appleworks 6 which will really help a lot.

But I’m having a lot of messages saying you can’t open this document because you don’t have the software that created it. This makes me think I need a translator as I didn’t have this issue ever on my ibook.

Any translators you know of that are available on line?

Are you just double-clicking the Appleworks files? Double-clicking does a fast-and-dirty open procedure, which often fails, for various reasons.

A surer way to open the file is to

(a) drag the icon of the file onto the icon (or alias) of the application
(b) launch the application and then open the file you want using the File menu.

The king of all translators is MacLink Plus. I doubt a document format exists that it can’t translate. But it costs $80, so weigh carefully whether you really need that big of a stick for your purposes.