Styx Fans: How do I Google This...?

Styx once made like a short movie bringing to life the “Kilroy Was Here” story. How do I find this? I only caught a piece of it on MTV. Any attempts to find it on YouTube only brings up individual songs. Did this “movie” have a name?

Here ya go.:smiley:

At a glance, it looks like it. The very opening appears to be from the “Caught in the Act” tour. Unless, the idea for this future album title (and tour) came from the Kilroy Was Here “movie”???

The film was shown at the beginning of each show during the “Kilroy Was Here” tour in 1983. That’s the tour that’s in the “Caught in the Act” video and album.

Yup, that’s it. It’s also on the “Caught in the Act” DVD in the beginning before the concert footage… just like they did before each concert started.

I watched this overandoverandover as a pre-teen, my friend and I drooling over that cutie pie Tommy Shaw. Ah, hormones.