Styx pieces of eight picture on the vinyl

I found one of these albums, just the vinyl platten…no cover, that is obviously the cover photosomehow placed on it. It isn’t glued on or anything. There is no label to identify that it is this album.

Just the front cover picture on the record with everything else appearing normal.

Where did it come from, why is it without its cover and is it worth anything?

This, I’m assuming? That one’s going for $30, but it looks like the number is on the sleeve. No sleeve, it will be worth less money.

ETA: That was one of many from here, some of which are the picture disk.

well waddya know

It actually is in its plastic sleave, but I don’t remember any labels on the plastic, nor any numbers. I’ll have to go look. I can probably pick it up for a couple a 3 bucks, but I don’t know if its worth trying to sell it. It’s probably not worth $30 but probably more than what I could by it for.

I guess the OP is too young to remember picture discs.

I’m pretty old; and actually had this album as a teen, which is how I was able to recognize it by the picture.

But yes, you’re right I never heard of picture discs; because I’m pretty young.

Nice, my clear gold copy of Steely Dan’s Aja is worth ~$60.

Too bad I left it, and all the rest of my vinyl, on the curb for the scavengers when we moved. :smack:

CMC fnord!

I’m older than dirt and I don’t remember ever hearing of them until today. I am constantly amazed at the stuff I don’t know when I clearly remember that I once knew it all.