Suave Baby Shampoo

Bought some today. Mistake. I use Suave for my own hair, and have been very happy with it. Decided to try the baby shampoo. It says it’s “tear free.” It is NOT. My daughter is an active kid, and really enjoys her bath, and doesn’t care to sit still while I rinse her hair. As careful as I try to be, sometimes the soap suds get into her eyes. Well, this time, the minute those suds hit her eyes, she started shrieking that her eyes hurt. I mean shrieking. I rinsed her as quickly as I could, and made sure her eyes were okay. They were red and a little puffy for about 20 minutes afterwards. She has never reacted to shampoo this way, and we’ve used a few different brands. I’ve been trying to find an email address to spew some venom at Helene Curtis, but so far, I’ve been unable to find anything. I’ll keep looking, but if anyone can help, I’d appreciate it.

Sorry is this seems disjointed, but I am so mad right now…

Helene Curtis is now a division of Unilever; their website probably has a consumer affairs email address; I have not been to the site myself.

Speaking of the tear-free issue, why don’t they make all shampoos tear free. Wouldn’t that be a good feature? I’ve gotten shampoo in my eyes and it stings adults, too.

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Gilligan: I found the Unilever site last night, but I didn’t see anything regarding consumer affairs. I was so mad, though, I may have just missed it. I’ll check again. Thanks!

And yes Gail, I agree with the tear-free for adults, too. Shampoo in the eyes hurts really bad, no matter how old you are!

I didn’t see consumer affairs, either, but under ‘contact us’ and then ‘products’ there is a comment form you can fill out.

Christi, I use Johnson’s baby shampoo (on myself, I mean) and I’ve never had any problems with it. It makes my eyes a little red, but it doesn’t sting.

It sounds like you’ve already been through all the commercial brands, though. Wish I could help. :frowning:

The Cat In The Hat

When I was a little kid and my Mom washed my hair in the bathtub, I always asked to look up at the light hanging from the ceiling. (This was long before * Psycho.) * This way I kept water and shampoo out of my eyes. :slight_smile:

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I remember feeling so victorious when I finally convinced my mom that, yes, Bactine stings like a mo-fo. I was about 5 or 6 before this happened.

Mr. Rilch went out of his way and to considerable expense to get a shampoo called Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree. The principal ingredient, according to the label is Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia). Having run out of my own L’Oreal Performing Preference, I asked if I could use some of this. I’ve never had a shampoo sting my eyes, and this didn’t either, but when some of the suds ran down my face, the skin around my eye sockets vibrated. Whatever this “tea tree oil” is, it is strong.

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I love Tea Tree products- Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree bar soap is a real eye opener (but don’t get it in your eyes!) Both the shampoo and the soap give a great, cool feeling. Love it!

re: soap in eyes- two tips. My sister uses a “soap shield”. It’s a foam rubber “visor” that your kid puts on that prevents the soap from running in thier eyes. My grandma had the best method, though…She had me put a folded washcloth over my eyes. It gave me a great feeling of security knowing that there was just no way soap was getting in my eyes.

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