Sub tapes 2nd graders' mouths shut.


Oh sure, the kids ASKED? H’uh?

Even if they did (when we were kids, my cousins and I always thought it would be fun to ride in the trunk of the car)-you could say, um, no?


Forgive me for asking this, but… so? What’s the big deal?

Even if the kids asked, there are some things you just do not do in school. Sounds like the sub was trying too hard to be the kids’ “friend” rather than their teacher.

SpazCat, substitute teacher with a reputation as a bitch

Stupid, poor judgement, but (assuming the kids DID want their mouths taped) I wouldn’t exactly call this child abuse.

Kids like to do fuckin’ weird things. When I was in sixth (SIXTH!) grade my friends and I would occasionally tie a volunteer from our social circle to a chair using masking tape. Why? It was fun. We’d also put tape over our mouths and make faces.

It seems perfectly plausible that one or two of the kids thought taping their mouths was cool and the rest of the class followed suit. Substitute teachers being notoriously lax and eager to please the kids, it seems perfectly plausible that she just complied to the kids’ requests.

Oh, and their hands were free. They could have pulled the tape off if it was really bothering their precious ickle faces.

I tend to agree with scablet. She shouldn’t have done it, because it could so easily be misinterpreted (as it seems it was.) And the fact that no parents complained makes me think the kids thought it was no big deal.

And it’s not like it was duct tape or something—masking tape is not very sticky, and is very easy to remove.

I don’t think it was child abuse. I just think it was really fucking stupid.

That’s all. And a bad idea.

I remember that in the third grade or so, someone in our class got his thumb taped for continually sucking it and another got his mouth taped for loudly giggling at it. I have a strong feeling the mouth-taped kid might have been me.

I don’t see what’s the big deal here, either.

The kids see it all the time on TV. Why so surprised that they would want to experiment? Ask to try it? Be allowed to try it? Oh, yeah, all parents are perfect and all teachers are idiots, especially the substitutes, and all experiences will warp all kids … :: sheesh :::: much ado ::::::

Okay, still not seeing the big deal here. Reading the article, none of the kids were harmed in any way. More over, I don’t see where the potential for harm here was. Why is this an issue? Guin, you say it was “stupid,” but I don’t see why it was stupid. Could somebody loan me a clue here?

I think this falls under the category of Not An Appropriate Activity For School. It is possible that one of the kids could have gotten hurt from this (say a kid had an asthma attack and inhaled the tape). This wouldn’t be a real danger with say, three or four kids, but it’s hard to keep up with 21 second graders. That’s why you’re not supposed to play stupid games in the classroom like that.

Of course, if my kids were working on something that involved tape and they wanted to play with tape over their mouths, I’d probably let them.

The article said that one of the parents called the police. That’s a complaint, isn’t it?

Of course, I still think it’s not that big of a deal. I would have told the teacher not do anything like that again, and maybe put her on probation, but I still can’t see firing her and reporting her to DSS. That seems so overboard.

I think it’s because people are much more aware of bondage as a sexual thing nowadays. Of course, there are plenty of situations where being tied up or gagged isn’t a sexual thing, and I’d say the circumstances cited fall in that category. It was just kids goofing around.

But some parents and admins get bent outta shape pretty durned easily. It’s a real shame these high-strung types have so much power in society nowadays. You should just be able to say, “Get the stick outta your butt, people. It’s just kids goofing around.”

Oops, you’re right. I missed that bit. I only skimmed over the last part of the article. It said that a school board member hadn’t heard from any parents.

Oh, for the love of pete.

What a bunch of delicate flowers our society is becoming.

Yeah, parents calling the police-that’s a bit over the top.

Look, I’m just thinking that this teacher isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.


The only surprising thing about the news story is that the tape actually stuck to their mouths.

Oh for crying out loud. Couldn’t the kids just as easily have put tape over their own mouths? Couldn’t they have taken it off themselves? No harm was done. What’s the big deal? My AP European History teacher puts duct tape over some students mouths all the time. Everyone, including the students being duct-taped, laughs. It’s no big deal.

I’ve got two small kids, and they’re forever putting tape over their own mouths, because they think it’s funny.

Bad idea for the teacher to do it? Probably, yes. But abuse? I’m not seeing it. I’m thinking like SpazCat and scablet here, though, with the sub trying to be more of a friend and eager to please. Teachers have to be so un-freaking-believably careful in every single thing that they do anymore, because if it CAN be misconstrued by someone, it WILL be.

I wouldn’t want someone taping my mouth shut… but that’s because I have a goatee.

You have got to be kidding. May I suggest you get a strip of masking tape and attempt to inhale it. Now remember, your hands are free, so you shouldn’t need a spotter, but just in case, remember that these kids were trained professionals, please don’t try this at home. Not to be rude, Cessandra, but I think your scenario is bullshit.

Duct tape, yes. Fire the teacher. But masking tape? puhlease.