Subliminal messages

People I know talk a lot about seeing subliminal messages
everywhere in movies and stuff. I have never seen one, though.
Please tell me, have you ever seen or heard one in a
song, movie, book, or in just plain life?
If so, where did you see it, and what was the message?

Really, isn’t it difficult to put one in a movie or book?
Unless they’re geniuses, it’s hard to make the
language in/around the message sound like normal.
Even in songs, where they already
screwed up the lyrics to get them to rhyme.

I’ve never heard one, but I’ve gotten VERY good at seeing the subliminal sex messages in liquor ads. Look very carefully at the colours in pouring liquid, or the patterns in ice cubes. I guarantee you’ll find a breast, or labia, or a penis, or something.

I see subliminals in ads – most commonly the word “SEX” inscribed in photos of women, especially fashion ads.

This does not necessarily mean that they are really there. It could be like my ability to see scowling faces in the clouds overhead. But I’ve experimentally looked for other words like “CAT” or “SIN” and I don’t find them.

Good question, Yo La Tengo!

One thing that I have noticed is that many of these subliminal ads are not really subliminal, they are very obvious to anyone who is aware of what really goes on.

For example, when you see somebody in a movie enjoying a Coke, you will notice that the can or bottle is always positioned in exactly the right manner so that the words “Coca Cola” are clearly visible. Coincidence?

Also, take a look at a package of Camel cigarettes. You will immediately notice a man with an erection hidden in the camel. I’m sure somebody will be along here to attempt to discredit my claim (think “shill”), but anyone with eyeballs and a brain can see this. Coincidence??

During the O.J. Simpson trial, Judge Lance Ito used an IBM laptop computer throughout the trial. It had a sticker on it that said IBM. This was on TV all day and seen by millions of viewers around the world. What I found interesting was that the sticker was upside-down, so that it looked rightside-up when the back of the monitor was postitioned toward the camera. Coincidence???

I recently asked about some of these things in “General Questions” and my thread got locked by the “Administrator”. Coincidence???

I’m afraid that if we learn too much here this thread will be locked as well.

How do these images manifest themselves? Or in the other example, how is the word written? When we were kids we only saw Marilyn Monroe and a leaping lion in Camel cigarettes.
Coke adds life, and everybody needs a little life.
I worked in advertising for a while, and I never saw or heard of any evidence of this (I would say that though, wouldn’t I). Furthermore, the Skeptic’s Dictionary has a few words to say on this subject - namely that even if advertisers were doing this, there is no evidence that it would work.
Drive a Ford. Chicks dig a man who drives a Ford.

In Chicago O’Hare. Walking through the eerily lighted path connecting United Terminals (I believe, but I was 12, so my memories of this are a little vague). The music playing was a variation of Rhapsody in Blue (United’s theme music at the time) and I distinctly heard, as did my father, an occasional whispering voice under the music that said “Fly United”. Seemed somewhat pointless to me, since if you’re already in the United Airlines terminal, you’re probably already flying United.

Oh, and there’s the one in that post above me. I saw that too.

For some reason I just had to get up and go get a Pepsi.

jjimm-“When we were kids we only saw Marilyn Monroe and a leaping lion in Camel cigarettes

I don’t know about any lion but the woman was May West.


-And here’s PROOF what I said about the impartial Judge Ito was true-

It looks as if even powerful political organizations are also involved. The GOP doctors up their TV ads with hidden messages like “RATS” to make YOU not like their opponents. And again, I’ve got PROOF-

Now, if these tactics don’t work, why do you suppose the GOP would go through all of the trouble to do this? Because they have nothing better to do??

The Great Cecil has covered this topic a couple of times:

Are subliminal messages secretly embedded in advertisements?
Does subliminal advertising work?
Snopes has also covered this topic. A search on this site’s archives and on Snopes’ site for “subliminal” will also yield links to several articles on specific items which have been believed to contain subliminal content.

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I’m surprised it took that long for someone to notice. Maybe they noticed, but didn’t say anything, though. Oh well, I’m off.


You, sir/madam, are a genius.

It just proves that IBM’s folks are on the ball. You can buy a new Apple iBook/Powerbook laptop computer today, and when you flip the lid open, the Apple logo is right-side-up. No high-profile court case required.

Subliminal ads don’t work - or there is no evidence to support them…and some that supposedly happened never did.

visit and read up. (The Skeptics Dictionary - a must visit)

When I was a teenager I went through the whole subliminal messages phase. I read all the Wilson Bryan Key books, Vance Packard, read up on backwards masking, and so forth. I always cultivated some kind of interest in it, until I got to college and tried to write a research paper on it, at which point I ran into troubles because there’s no evidence to support any of it. At that point I re-read the Key stuff and was shocked at how much of a kook the guy was and I hadn’t noticed it before.