Submersible Well Pump versus Deep Jet

I recently acquired a submersible pump for a low low price because it was a return and I have a friend that works at Lowes.

Since my pump is almost 50 years old and has been giving me problems, it’s time to switch. Anyways, I currently have an above ground jet pump, and the thing is, so does everyone around here. Is there any caveats to using submersible vs. above ground?? Freezing/thawing, etc?

My well is about 40 feet deep if that means anything. Thanks

Submersible pumps usually are trouble free. As long nothing goes wrong, they hang at the bottom of the well doing their job. However, if anything goes wrong, you have to pull the pump out. I have one in about a 40 foot well. A few years ago, something got into the foot valve, and I had to pull the pump in December. Not fun. The submersible pumps are quite common for deeper wells. Usually they go years between needing service. You do need to run power to the well. They make special splices for the wiring.

i think that jet pumps do outlive submersibles (especially the smaller ones). if you have a new well drilled then a large casing would be put in. if you are putting a submersible in a smaller jet pump casing this may not be as durable as one that would go into a larger casing.

jet pumps may need maintenance or replacement of the motor, pressure switch or relay.

you have no fear of freezing at 40 foot depth for either pump. the water outlet from either pump has to be located to not freeze.

An issue you can have is with a low yielding well the submersible pump can out pump the well and burn itself up. A deep well jet can be set up so it can neither out pump the well or pull air.

Generally if I feel the well can handle it I’d always recommend upgrading from a jet pump to a submersible.

Jets are simply older technology with fewer and fewer people capable of working on them.