Submit some l33t$p3@k, it's for a department contest

Each month at the department meeting we start off doing some corny puzzle. Word search, crossword, fill in the blank, who said this, what years did this crap happen, etc. For December i was hoping to submit something with a little more zest. And i thought, since we are the IT department, some leet would be a clever idea. So does anyone have some good decipherable (or non decipherable) leet to share?

Leet speak translator

This one’s pretty intense (that is, hard to decipher).

I just plugged that into the translator. Points to anyone who knows what video game I took it from.

Oh, I didn’t even notice you can adjust the level of l33tness as a percentage. There you go.

Oh my god, Team of Scientists… i thought i was pretty good at understanding it, but wow…

I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hari Kiri rock. I need scissors! Gi!

No clue what game it’s from though, I’m just that l33t.

Google Ah…Aresenal Gear…never played that one.

I posted a |_33+ version of a few lines from the Book of Genesis here:

Wow. This post makes it even more apparent that these people must be stopped.
Either that or I should praise their ingenuity…

Hey, I’m not so bad. I’m not a troll or sock, and I’ve been through the whole goat thing. Maybe I have a weakness for posting in Old Leetish from time to time, but I don’t think that’s a crime.

It should be!

%05r #337||3$$ 75r|| |\/|3 0|\|. #37' 90 br34|{ 7|-|3 #4// 70937|-|3r 4||P 0r937 7|-|3$3 b020$. :wink:

Okay, let’s try this…

Um. Leetness turns…me on? Go break…together? These bozos?
So, translated, obviously, you wish pain upon Bozo the Clown. We can’t have that, Mrs. 'Staseon. You must be stopped!

Ahem…your leetness turns me on. Let’s go break the law together and forget these bozos.

||0// %05’r3 $p34|{1||9 |/|% #4||95493! :smiley:

Now you’re speaking my language!

I got it, right?

P4|/|||17. 1||3. %05 (4|| j01|| 7|-|3 p4r7%. B57 %05 $17 1|| 7|-|3 b4(|{.

J5$7 r3|/|3|/|b3r:

1’|/| 1|| 5r P0p3, 19|-|71|| 5r 19||0r4||(3.
Okay, now I feel a little sick. Think I overleeted.

why is hash an L?

I wrote a simple leet-speak translator once, but I don’t think it’s as good as some of these examples.

()0}{, @ [)!]=|=3|2e/|/7 ]33+ ]>!413(7. 7}{^+'5 +3]-[ /-/[]7+||355 8@8[! |0() \|4/|/|@ |^)4`| 5()|\3 |/][[)3[] 94//|3% []]^5!(]3 ]}0|///|/? :cool:

To hell with L33tsp33k. Lay some Klingon on 'em!