This might be the wrong forum and I’m sure it’s been asked a billion times before but how do I subscribe if I have neither credit card nor PayPal?
Also I didn’t realize my guest subscription had ended(don’t worry,I’m using a friend’s guest at the moment) and then when I went to subscribe found I couldn’t as it wouldn’t let me in as my guest had expired.
Surely we should be able to get onto the board to join?

I emailed the SDMB team but have had no reply since

FruitPie, as far as the correct forum is concerned, About This Message Board would probably be most appropriate, but I’ll take a stab at this.

There are numerous Dopers who regularly help Guests who don’t have credit cards or PayPal, to become full-fledged Charter Members. I’m one of them.

What you’ll need to do is email me at gsbakker @ [without the spaces of course] and we’ll work out the details there rather than here. You’ll send me money via snail-mail, and I’ll subscribe for you (using your username and password, which you change after I get you subscribed).

What I don’t understand is that as a Guest, you should still be able to login but just not be able to post after your Guest Membership expires. That only helps you though if you’ve got a way to pay the subscription fee.

When you need assistance here at the SDMB, you can rely on the ever lovely and helpful TubaDiva (