Subtle part in "Kokomo" by "The Beach Boys"

OK, this has been annoying me ever since this song first came out, and subsequently all of my friends when I ask them about it. For anyone who has the song, (or if you don’t, download the first 8 seconds of it, that’s all you need) you will notice the song begins with a guy beating away on his drum set with a few other minor sounds as well.


Listen VERY carefully to the music JUST BEFORE the guy says the first word in the song “Aruba”.

You will here a distinct noise which sounds something like errrr… hitting a wooden spoon on a metal rubbish bin. (OR SOMETHING like that.) You only here here it for the first time JUST before the guy says “Aruba” and you then here it twice more.


The initial time you here this sound, is he hitting the instrument once… or twice very quickly?

I know most of you right now are thinking… ‘OH MY GOD… you SERIOUSLY need a life to want to know something like that’.

But being a person who has recently taken up drums, this has really been bothering me lately even more so.

SO… insults aside, can anyone give me the low down?

It’s either that or bongos. My money is on the steel drum, since this song is supposed to have a “Caribbean” vibe.

Actually, now that I’ve listened to it a dozen or so more times, I’m convinced it’s bongos.

So there you have it.

Ahh… ahem… that wasn’t my question.

If I remember the video correctly, they had **both[/] a steel drum and bongo’s. They’re off in the background behind the regulars.

I swear I remember this but I can’t be 100% sure.


Bad bolding on my part. Don’t know what’s happening lately.

I’ve spent the last half hour trying to get the sheet music for that song. No luck, unless I feel like paying money and I don’t.

Can’t even get the video on-line without a fee.

Can say that they used both the steel drum and bongo’s for the song.

I know it doesn’t answer your question, but, I too misread the O.P…

After listening to the mp3 of it several times (actually, it only took once, a dozen more just to make sure) I could definately hear the instrument twice.

I’m with bj…

If I understand your question correctly, CnoteChris, you’re wondering it it’s:




I only hear 2 distinct beats…