My bongos came!

That’s all.

Are we to assume that these bongoes are of the musical variety?

You’re not up on the latest slang, are you? :wink:

Pshaw. I CREATE the latest slang, missy.

Well, I hope they at least cleaned up after themselves.

I’m sorry…I’ll be leaving now.


What did you get?

I shall dance for you young lady. I will dance the bongo dance! A writhing, whirling, swirling, endless chain of sensuous motion designed to delight the eyes and inflame the senses. After that I will dance the ironing board dance!

Now to begin! Hoopa! Ouffa!

Damn, astro, I do miss your ironing-board dance. wistful sigh

percussion – a pair of entry-level EXO, 6 and 7 inch. I talked to a friend’s son who’s in a Latin rock band and he seemed to think these would do while I’m learning to play. Any tips? Right now I’m just noodling around and waiting for me “teach yourself bongos” book to get here.

I have an album, yes Black Vinyl, entitled Bongos Bongos Bongos.
They never came, though.

Ohh, my EYe!!


That twicks, she’s like, man, the hepest cat on the dope with her bongos, man.

I’m not gonna grow a goatee, though.

Just sayin’.

Yeah, that stashe you got is quite enough. :smiley:

Oh like you didn’t think I’d make a comment!

Fabulous! And I’ve been practicing The Armpit all week. They blend so well together! Kind of a “rapper” sound.

I thought you were taking up the ukulele?

Do antelopes thrive in Philadelphia?

I’m kinda likin’ the idea of a bongo/armpit band. Nuttin’ like doper talent.

I’ve always managed to resist until now, but, I absolutely have to say: band name!

I didn’t even know they were breathing hard!

Cool baby.

Bongo Bongo Bongo
Whales spout fluid air
Coffee Coffee
Sun sparkle hair