Suburban roosters

We finally got back to our own house a couple days ago, after a week of vacation and another week of dog sitting. Last night it was cool enough to have the windows open, rather than running the air conditioner. This morning, at who knows what time, I hear a sound like
only not as well enunciated. I immediately think I must be hearing things, but while I’m walking Rupert the Wonder Beagle I hear several more caws. This is puzzling because I don’t believe our suburban neighborhood is zoned for livestock, and if you can afford a house in this area you certainly aren’t so poor that you need to raise your own chickens.

I have it narrowed down to about half a dozen houses that could be harboring this bird. I’ll give updates as events warrant.

I live in a condo complex in a pretty tightly situated area. The nearest farm is at least 3 or 4 miles away. Probably more. Nothing but houses, condos and a grocery store immediately surrounding this area. I hear roosters every morning. They are definitely not farther than a few thousand feet or so.

I love the sound. I heard it all my life growing up, and missed it for a few years when I moved away from farmland into more residential areas in NJ and PA.

I really, really want a chicken myself. I asked my husband if we could buy an eglu to put in our side yard, but he’s not going for it.


We raised chickens for several years. I live ‘in town’, yet ‘town’ has one stop sign and you can yell across town to someone if needed. Anyway, I made sure I asked all the neighbors if the roosters bothered them. They all told me that they loved to hear them crow in the mornings and throughout the day. So, there were no problems.

I have one neighbor that used to come over EVERY morning, go out to the chicken coop, and just listen to the roosters and watch them. He is an old farmer and he really enjoyed the chickens. He’d even bring his own chicken feed to throw to them each day. It made him so happy…it’s amazing what simple things it takes to bring someone so much joy!

I had one pet rooster. His name was Stu. Get it? Stew (as in 'chicken stew)? Stu? :rolleyes: Anyway, that rooster followed me around the yard whenever I was out there. He loved to be held. He’d sit in the crook of my arm like he was sitting in a damned recliner. He loved to go with me on walks that way, too. He’d sit there forever if I’d let him. He was a cool old rooster! :slight_smile:

A good friend lives in an area not far from me that is zone for horses, etc. - not really farms but riding horses and that sort of thing. She has about 5 dogs, 4 cats, two horses and a minature donkey. One day a full grown rooster shows up at her house. This bird is beautiful - flowing green tail feathers that would have Scarlett O’Hara’s hatmaker chasing him down the street. (One of the daughters of the family saves them for me. :slight_smile: ) When the rooster showed up, my friend tried to find out where he came from but no one in the area kept chickens or knew anyone who did. She decided he would disappear and go home, but when after a few weeks he was still there she just added chicken feed to her shopping list. He’s still there and chases my Jeep every time I visit. Maybe he knows where those feathers are going?

It’s amazing just where you can find chickens once you start looking for them. There are lots of people keeping poultry all over Los Angeles, for example. And not just chickens, either.

Just remember, not all chickens are kept just for food/eggs/pets. The fact that you’re in an affluent area only makes it all the more suspicious that it could be a fighting bird.

Or maybe it’s just someone’s 4H project.

My grandfather raised roosters and chickens in Puerto Rico. The chickens were for eggs and meat, but the roosters were for fighting. He was well known in his town for raising and breeding prize winning cocks. The talons on those birds scared the holy hell out of me.

:slight_smile: They are damned scary, especially for those of us who haven’t seen a full-grown chicken up close before. They have no right being that tall!

I live in a village, but there’s a cornfield that backs up to the back yard. The neighbors two houses down have a rooster. We’re spot zoned, but I’m pretty sure they’re not allowee to keep livestock.

The worst part is, he has no sense of time. The fool thing goes off at any hour of the day or night. Mmm… free range chicken…

This might all turn out to be my fault. :slight_smile:

I had pet chickens when I was a kid growing up in the suburbs*. We started out with three chickies. The people we bought them from assured us they were all hens, but lo and behold, one turned out to be a rooster.

If you’ve never lived in close proximity to a rooster, you may not know that they don’t just crow in the morning. They crow all the freaking time. We eventually gave him back to the farm where he got him, but I imagine our neighbors wanted to kill us until then.

*Although my hometown is ordinary suburbia now, it was for many years “the Egg Capital of the World”. I was about twelve when the last hatchery closed, but lots and lots of buildings in town still have their old hatchery signs up. So no one thought having pet chickens was weird, they were such a part of the town’s history.

I live in a town with a lot of farms so zoing is non-existant. I’m in a more suburban stretch/cluster of houses. The guy across and across the road has two roosters. Yes they crow all times of the day.

I want to scream STFU once in a while when I’m up before my alarm but have to live and let live. He was originally going to eat them like they did with the chickens but his adorable daughter fell in love with them and wont let Daddy kill them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen apparently feral chickens roaming wild in Freedom Park in Atlanta. I’ve also heard roosters crowing in different spots around town as I ride my bicycle.

The other thing to consider is that the sound may be carrying over a fair distance. On the farm where I live there’s no neighbors closer than 1/2 mile, but I can hear a rooster every morning (And the cows are even farther away, and louder).

My next door neighbors are Hmong, and have some chickens in the back yard. I was chatting to one of the boys the other day, and asked if they kept them for eggs or for meat. He said neither. One of his sisters is pretty sick, and they need to sacrifice a chicken to get her spirit back every so often. He was pretty matter of fact about it, so I just nodded and said, “Yeah, that makes sense” while mentally hoping that they have also taken her to a doctor.

But that is another reason that people might be keeping chickens.