Successful credit card reversals

What’s your most expensive credit card reversal you’ve been able to get? Obvious fraud where you simply didn’t make the charge doesn’t count. I’m talking about a dispute with the business that you did actually have a transaction with.

I ordered a Eames Lounge chair on Amazon, it was about $500 less than most retail places. Still a very expensive chair ($4500). I received a counterfeit Eames Lounge chair, not a bad knock off, but the wrong number of legs on the ottoman was a dead give away.

Long story short, 6 months later, American Express put me on a conference call with Amazon and within 2 minutes told them they were reversing the charges and i could just keep the fake chair. it was very satisfying, even if delayed.

Ethiopian Airlines. Wouldn’t board me on s flight to Djibouti unless I bought a return ticket back to Addis. I paid a refundable fare, and they refused to refund it, $250. My credit card refused to pay. Second time on the same flight. When I booked my first flight, Dire Dawa to Djibouti, they billed my card twice. I called about it. They just said “Anh, protest the card billing.” That was quick and easy. CC company must have a special desk just for Ethiopian Airlines.

Paid for a cabin in a resort near the Great Smoky Mtns. Resort was advertised “with tennis court and swimming pool” on site restaurants and When we got there, the “resort” was just some decrepit shacks on a dirt road at the beginning of which was an IHOP and a diner (not affiliated with the cabin owners). The place was filthy. The pool and tennis court were at the local high school down the road. You could pay $4 a day per person to swim laps and the “resort” would reimburse you. Tennis courts were just open to the public. They gave you phone numbers of local freelance tennis pros for the “included” lessons.

Neither the cabins, the “restaurants”, the pool or the tennis courts looked anything like the pictures on their website.

This was in 1998 so no online reviews to go by. At least they were not ubiquitous in those days.

We refused to stay there and demanded a refund of our three day deposit ($600 ish) We took a bunch of pictures of everything and had them developed. Then printed off the pictures and descriptions from the website. Capital One gave us a lot of grief but eventually reversed the charges. It’s a good thing we took all those pictures because the resort lied, lied, lied in their response to the chargeback. I can see why they didn’t take American Express.

I see the place is still in business but their website is more accurate in its description of “RV campground with rustic cabins”. Reviews are still mixed at best.

When my wife and I were dating, we stayed a night at a nice hotel in southeastern Pennsylvania. The price included breakfast buffet the next morning. We come downstairs a little after 9:00 AM the next day and were told breakfast is over at 9:00; this was not posted anywhere. I ask for a refund of the cost of the buffet and was told they couldn’t credit it to my card – it was a “package” rate. I’m home the next day and wonder if the Credit Card company could adjust the payment to exclude the buffet. No, they couldn’t “stop payment” on a portion of a transaction and the minimum amount they could waive was $50. The total amount for the stay was just over $60, so I asked them to un-charge the entire amount, which they cheerfully did; Boom! Done! I still feel bad about stiffing the hotel; it was a very nice, comfortable room and we did have a nice slumber but C’est la guerre!

Only about $400 but I reversed a service charge to my old CJ Jeep. Right rear bearing to be replaced. They f’d up and the entire axel started coming out. Could have killed me.

They said they told me that it needed some xtra work, and I deigned getting it fixed. They never told me anything. I couldn’t find my receipt at the time, and they said the recommendation was written on their carbon copy of the receipt. :sigh:

I found my receipt. Nothing on it recommended that extra work was needed on my carbon copy. So I fought it and succeeded.

They dealership warned me that I would never work on my Jeep again as a ‘threat’. Yeah, no shit you nearly killed me and faked a receipt to cover it up. Fuckers.