Such a cute turtle!

I’m sorry, I have to share this pic. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Cute Turtle

Awwww, lookit the wee tortoise!!!

Frickin’ adorable.

Escape, my tiny brother!

You won’t be saying that in a couple years when it’s grown up and rampaging through Tokyo.

Gamera and Winston, those two posts couldn’t have gone better together if you’d planned them.

Mmm, crunchy.

And HERE"S the little rascal’s High School Graduation Photo!

:cool: :smiley:

Thanks for the compliment, Anaamika. I didn’t know you cared.


Last weekend I rescued a baby snapping turtle that was crossing a busy road.

Yep, more good turtle karma.

Not to be confused with good carmel turtles.


I just laughed so hard that I scared my neighbor.

Good on you! I really wish they would look both ways.

I always scare my neighbor. I don’t even have to laugh…

And that turtle is just too cute for a reptile.

Having followed this bawling brouhaha all around the blogosphere, I have to say that anyone who thinks that the balance of power in a blow job favours the man hasn’t really thought things through.

Yes, it’s high time we shift the balance to favor the turtle!
Cute turtle, Anaamika! :slight_smile:

Ack - I meant to post that in the blowjob thread! Stupid tabbed browsers.

Cute little turtle.

Yes, and when it grows up, she can use it to open beer bottles. :wink:

Hey, the link doesn’t work any more. WAAAAAH! I WANNA SEE THE CUTE TURTLE!

My guess is it’s eating the jelly bean mosaic someone was working on the other day.

Daitha, here’s another link. It doesn’t have such a cute picture, but still adorable.

Here’s some more: