Such a terrible birthday

This day is so terrible, it has to be the second worst birthday I’ve ever had.

I’m in a new city and all my old friends are back in Edmonton. All my new friends here are too busy bickering amongst themselves to get together for my birthday.

Worst still, my family is probably going to start phoning their well wishes and I hate my family. There’s a reason I moved so far away.

I’ve been dreading this for a few days now, I knew it would suck. On Wednesday night, a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous girl found out I lived a block away from her and suggested that maybe she should come by some time. I murmured something like, “Just don’t throw shit in my yard.” and disappeared. I didn’t mean to burn her like that, I just really wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention because I was dreading my birthday.

Next time I see her I’ll take her for a walk and apologize and put my arm around her and get her talking and hopefully everything will be all right.

Last year was my worst birthday ever, by far, and I’ve only had a handful of pleasurable birthdays. Last year I walked into my room at my birthday party and found my girlfriend having sex with someone I didn’t even know! I wondered why he was invited.

keep your head up anal scurvy. i know how you feel, i’m a the glass is half empty person too. your last birthday was obviously a nightmare, but it could have been worse. you could have found your girlfriend in bed with your best friend or your brother. that would have been worse right?

as for your family, why don’t you just not answer the phone. they live far away, and if you’re avoiding them, just let the machine get it. then, when you finally do have to talk to them you can tell them you were out having a wonderful birthday - they’ll never know the difference.

i’d say have a happy birthday, but that’s probably the last thing you want to hear. when i’m in a funk, the smiths never fail to cheer me up, so here you go

i’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday
'cos you’re evil and you lie
and if you should die
i may feel slightly sad but i won’t cry

feel better yet?