sudden and temporary loss of hearing, and shocks in the forehead.

about a year ago i bought some newts and one of them had a really queer looking tail and i was a little squimish about picking it up. when i finally did, the moment it stepped on my hand, i couldn’t hear.

this has happened a few times since in similar situations. like letting a very large spider crawl up my arm. and everytime it’s the same sudden but very brief loss of hearing.

the best i can describe it is, it’s sort of like a swelling of air that comes from inside and plugs my ears.

also, there’s another sort of thing that happens when i’m suddenly shocked. if somebody sneaks up on me, or if i bump something and initially think it’s going to fall and break, i get a feeling in the front of my forehead. it’s like an electric shock. i had it happen twice in a day once, and it left me with a horrible headache.

i’m just wondering if this happens to anyone else or if it might merely be psychological? and if it’s something that does happen, what causes it?

“human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust; we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.” - albert einstein

maybe you have a too-mah


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The brain is well known to stifle things in order to direct its attention to what really needs attention.

My neice just told me that her teacher bet a guy he couldn’t kiss a newt [they are mighty poisonous BTW.] So, the guy got testeroney and swallow it. Went in to a coma.

but i don’t imagine that they’re all poisonous.

the man i bought them from would have told me without a doubt, if that were the case.

“human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust; we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.” - albert einstein

Never trust what any body tells you if they are trying to sell you anything.What do you mean by “queer looking tail?” Was it like a crest along the top? He is a male in breeding display. Was it more of a ‘membrane’ along top and bottom? He wasn’t all grown up yet.Only one or two ‘poisonous’ salamanders, and the common spotted newt is not one.But lots of amphibians have a skin mucus that is irritating up to the point of toxicity (arrow frogs), so don’t put um in your mouth.The dreaded Yellow Bellied Horn Toad is a different matter intirely. Oh that ear thing it is probably nothing more than a slight increase in blood pressure,due to the squeemz,that can cause a sudden,temporary loss in hearing.And it would feel like a swelling of air.The ‘electrical feeling’ means you need to click your reset button, it is on the middle of your abdomen, you may need to brush some lint off. Seriously it is caused by a more rapid change in blood pressure, if it leaves you with a “horrible headache” you might wanta mention it to a Medico.Prob not a “toomah” but you may have a slight blood pressure problem. Oddly enough there is some research into the use of various frog secretions in treatment of blood presure, maybe you’ll wind up eating that newt aftter all.

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